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a hypertext essay by Linda Carroli

Video stills and footage: Maria Giannake + Linda Carroli
Belly Dancer: Maria Masselos

speak was launched as part of MAAP99 and was included in INK.ubation Salon, curated by Mark Amerika for the trAce Online Writing Community conference, Incubation in 2000. In 2001 it was presented in the winter issue of Drunken Boat.

Other works:
terrene, a collaboration with JM John Armstrong
cipher, a collaboration with Josephine Wilson
Water writes always in Plural - A woman is standing on a street corner waiting for a stranger, collaboration with Josephine Wilson
racconto - to be completed in 2002


John Armstrong, Michael Vann, Di Ball, Electronic Writing Research Ensemble, Ann Wulff + Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific 99, Maria Giannake, Maria Masselos

This project received financial assistance from Arts Queensland.