The new adjective is compelling:
tsrange attractors · strange statractor · strange attractors
attract lorenz repulse
skin disease: a shower of flakes — a snowstorm
war stories: that things can get this bad and still continue … ‘go on … ’
abandoned things: that there is always life
The butt that won't go out — so you retrieve it from the ashtray and inhale again. A pregnant belly — inside is a being whose heart beats yet it takes no breath — you love it but you can't hold it and don't know what it looks like — is it complete — or the unthinkable. You touch the pregnant belly — it seems to be there for touching — it seems to belong to anyone. Strange attractors have an effect — many effects — the attractors of the effects can't be named — images of strange attractors are never precise. Strange attractors attract and repulse with no will — willy nilly. The relations between attractors and effects could and can be diagrammed but not represented. They represent things other than themselves. They can't be collected because they have no finite dimension. They collect things and in the collecting things are transformed. They leave messages: ‘what does auto da fe mean?’

Psychoanalysts devise theories about them
Philosophers make metaphors with them
Mathematicians construct equations to measure their operations
Astrophysicists use them to speculate on the past and future cosmos (where they find god)
Artists sense their dimensions and see them in dreams
Economists use them to predict the rise and fall of the stock exchange
Politicians can't hear them
Geneticists would eradicate them if they could

Auto Da Fe: Translated: Act of Faith
The ceremony accompanying the pronouncement of judgment by the Inquisition and followed by the execution of sentence by the secular authorities; broadly : the burning of a heretic.

Auto Da Fe, what's an Auto Da Fe? It's when ya know ya hadn't oughta, ... but ya do it anyway, Mel Brooks
  from wikipedia AutoDaFe on wikipedia returns Decline Of Civility Accessed April 14 2004

wikipedia is an online database built from public contributions to knowledge. Registered users can edit and post any contribution via the web. Apparently someone has become a pest, written many tirades and generally been most uncivil. This page is an example of flame wars, that odd term that describes outbreaks of unsociable behaviour on mailing lists. This stoush seems to be a question of manners - the offender has failed to be polite.

Richard Collins writes: "Um, look, I hate to put a damper on a good AutoDaFe, but this is both silly and liable to escalate. Wiki has been a wonderful experience, but something like this was bound to happen eventually. If it hadn't been RK it would have been the scientologists, white supremacists, script kiddies, or some similar ilk. When wikis grow too big for their inhabitants to maintain in the face of the forces of incivility, then they die. It's only natural. Move on.

My opinion is that RK's stuff has been a bit of fresh air around here. Maybe I've not been close enough to observe all the purported nasty behaviour, but some of the things I read on this page disgusted me at first reading. Then it started to look like juvenile brown,nosing. RK's stoushes with PM and EK have been very interesting. Who dares to say what is Good and Bad on Wiki. My opinion is that that small handful that have contributed to many hundreds of pages deserve some respect, the rest of us are very lucky to part of an amazing contribution to the history of the web. Remember you dont have to agree on everything to be friends.
If RK's biggest crime is to have presented some difficult and challenging ideas, well ....
Maybe you guys want to start a page listing those of us who are excluded from your moral majority??"
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