inscription, like s  c r a t c h implies marking - indentation, cutting into material matters in such a manner that an impression remains. The prefix in signifies within or into and is encumbered with its Latin derivation where it signifies a "privative or negative force". (Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged1953:870) Inscription and eulogy: inscription and death and inscribe. Inscription calls attention to the monument and the archive - and at the same time (nostalgically) to the act(ion) of engraving, the movement that engraves, scratches, cuts into a surface. What are the remainders of this gesture that marks - the violence of inscription - the proof of the cut that speaks proof and evidence?
At the con-junction of human
action, materiality, & techne is an apparatus that wraps in the fold of endurance & archive.