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m o v e
m e n t
i m a g e
f r a m e
Where does the frame take place. Does it take place. Where does it begin. Where does it end. What is its internal limit. Its external limit And its surface between the two limits.
(Derrida, 1987:62-63)
Element arrangements - programme. Flower arrangements bigger than ikebana - the elements are larger, the planes extend further - elementally more diverse than flower, bud, or any other plant component.
A dream: truth is made in the arrangements of elements - ikebana on a larger scale. Each element (and there seem to be just a few) becomes the flower- the stalk-the plant, animate and inanimate - an-in-animate - still and moving both at the same time. The guide for making is unsure, the one the maker uses. This placed here evokes a possibility for an obverse matireal (sic.) that intersects that virtual plane there - the one we all can't see still exists (and in this way it is not a secret) and the maker (artist, designer, thinker) takes a measure of (its) absent existence and makes an elemental arrangement: this is pricklings.
The guide for making is unsure. It is written from what one knows at the moment - a database with a variable addressing system (this could be anything). The method for navigation is singular, intuitive and relies on possibility. It also relies on familiarity with the unfamiliar - what are my methods for making when strangeness enters - when my 'I' dissipates before unfamiliarity? At this point, the point of dissipation, one becomes the pricklings, the method, the making.
And there seem to be just a few elements:- a large slightly curved pane - 1/3 of an orange skin twisted on itself -- this takes two people to lift -- the surface is non-porous and slightly buffed to make a furred felt like texture and the colour of Mt. Gambier limestone walls, the dish is waist high. Three Good Men and one of them is a woman, which truth will win this operation, the truth of reasonable law (judicio), the truth of god (fatwah or crusade), the truth of war (life and death as violent sacrificial interludes), the truth of liberty and justice (the truth wars are waged for). All these big Truths overshadow the small everyday truths, it is this body that lifts the orange peel and places it amongst other bodies in such a way that something becomes possible.
Programme is ongoing...