unity Origin: OE. Unite, F. Unite, L. Unitas, from unus one. See One, and cf. Unit. 1. The state of being one; oneness. "Whatever we can consider as one thing suggests to the understanding the idea of unity." (Locks) unity is affirmed of a simple substance or indivisible monad, or of several particles or parts so intimately and closely united as to constitute a separate body or thing. See the Synonyms under Union. 2. Concord; harmony; conjunction; agreement; uniformity; as, a unity of proofs; unity of doctrine. "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" (Ps. Cxxxiii. 1) 3. Any definite quantity, or aggregate of quantities or magnitudes taken as one, or for which 1 is made to stand in calculation; thus, in a table of natural sines, the radius of the circle is regarded as unity. The number 1, when it is not applied to any particular thing, is generally called unity. 4. In dramatic composition, one of the principles by which a uniform tenor of story and propriety of representation are preserved; conformity in a composition to these; in oratory, discourse, etc, the due subordination and reference of every part to the development of the leading idea or the eastablishment of the main proposition. In the Greek drama, the three unities required were those of action, of time, and of place; that is, that there should be but one main plot; that the time supposed should not exceed twenty-four hours; and that the place of the action before the spectators should be one and the same throughout the piece. 5. Such a combination of parts as to constitute a whole, or a kind of symmetry of style and character. 6. The peculiar characteristics of an estate held by several in joint tenancy. The properties of it are derived from its unity, which is fourfold; unity of interest, unity of title, unity of time, and unity of possession; in other words, joint tenants have one and the same interest, accruing by one and the same conveyance, commencing at the same time, and held by one and the same undivided possession. unity of possession is also a joint possession of two rights in the same thing by several titles, as when a man, having a lease of land, afterward buys the fee simple, or, having an easement in the land of another, buys the servient estate. At unity, at one. unity of type. See Type. Synonym: Union, oneness, junction, concord, harmony. See Union. Source: Websters Dictionary from On-line medical dictionary Mar. 23 2004. http://cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk/cgi-bin/omd?query=unity&action=Search+OMD (01 Mar 1998) Entry: unity Function: noun Definition: wholeness Synonyms: accord, agreement, alliance, coadunation, combination, concord, concurrence, confederation, consensus, consent, consonance, entity, federation, harmony, homogeneity, homogeneousness, identity, individuality, indivisibility, integral, integrality, integrity, interconnection, oneness, peace, rapport, sameness, singleness, singularity, soleness, solidarity, synthesis, totality, unanimity, undividedness, unification, uniformity, union, unison Concept: agreement Entry: coherence Function: noun Definition: agreement Synonyms: adherence, attachment, bond, cementation, cling, clinging, comprehensibility, concordance, conformity, congruity, connection, consistency, consonance, construction, continuity, correspondence, inseparability, inseparableness, integrity, intelligibility, rationality, relations, solidarity, stickage, union, unity Antonyms: disagreement, incoherence, inconsistency Concept: conformity Entry: communion Function: noun Definition: affinity Synonyms: accord, agreement, association, close relationship, closeness, communing, concord, contact, converse, fellowship, harmony, intercommunication, intercourse, intimacy, participation, rapport, sympathy, togetherness, unity Antonyms: alienation, antagonism, contention, disagreement, distance, disunity, hostility Concept: social action Entry: compatibility Function: noun Definition: harmony Synonyms: affinity, agreeableness, agreement, amity, congeniality, congruity, consonance, empathy, fit, rapport, single-mindedness, sympathy, unity Antonyms: incompatibility Concept: friendship Entry: concentration Function: noun Definition: consolidation Synonyms: absorption, amassing, application, assembly, centering, centralization, close attention, clustering, coalescing, combination, compacting, compression, concern, congregation, consolidation, convergence, converging, debate, deliberation, fixing, flocking, focusing, heed, huddling, intensification, massing, narrowing, need, single-mindedness, study, unity Antonyms: absentmindedness, distraction, diversion, mind-wandering Concept: collecting/grouping Entry: concord Function: noun Definition: harmony Synonyms: accord, agreement, amity, calmness, chime, comity, concert, concordance, consensus, consonance, friendship, goodwill, peace, placidity, rapport, serenity, tranquility, tune, unanimity, understanding, unison, unity Antonyms: conflict, disagreement, discord, disunity Concept: social entity Entry: consensus Function: noun Definition: agreement Synonyms: accord, concord, concurrence, consent, harmony, unanimity, unison, unity Antonyms: disagreement, discord, dissension Concept: agreement Entry: consistency Function: noun Definition: regularity Synonyms: accord, agreement, apposition, appropriateness, aptness, coherence, cohesion, compatibility, concord, concurrence, conformability, congruity, consonance, constancy, correspondence, evenness, fitness, harmony, homogeneity, invariability, likeness, proportion, similarity, stability, steadfastness, steadiness, suitability, symmetry, uniformity, union, unity Antonyms: disagreement, incongruity, inconsistency Concept: constancy Entry: contact Function: noun Definition: communication Synonyms: acquaintance, association, channel, commerce, communion, companionship, connection, fellowship, influence, intercourse, junction, meeting, network, union, unity Concept: communication entity Entry: continuity Function: noun Definition: progression Synonyms: chain, cohesion, connection, constancy, continuance, continuousness, continuum, dovetailing, durability, duration, endurance, extension, flow, interrelationship, linking, perpetuity, persistence, protraction, sequence, stability, stamina, succession, survival, train, uniting, unity, vitality, whole Antonyms: break, discontinuity, intermittence, interruption, stoppage Concept: continuity 28 entries found for unity. Entry: cooperation Function: noun Definition: mutual effort Synonyms: aid, alliance, assistance, cahoots, coaction, coadjuvancy, coalition, collaboration, combination, combined effort, communion, company, concert, concurrence, confederacy, confederation, conFunction, conspiracy, federation, fusion, give-and-take, harmony, help, helpfulness, logrolling, participation, partisanship, partnership, playing ball, reciprocity, service, society, symbiosis, synergism, synergy, teaming, teamwork, unanimity, union, unity Antonyms: autonomy, competition, opposition, rivalry, undermining Concept: helping Entry: entirety Function: noun Definition: whole Synonyms: absoluteness, aggregate, all, allness, collectiveness, collectivity, completeness, complex, comprehensiveness, ensemble, entireness, everything, fullness, gross, intactness, integrality, integrity, omneity, omnitude, oneness, perfection, plentitude, sum, sum total, the works, total, totality, undividedness, unity, universality, whole bit, whole enchilada, wholeness Antonyms: component, element, part, particular Concept: completeness Entry: harmony Function: noun Definition: agreement Synonyms: accord, affinity, amicability, amity, compatibility, concord, conformity, consensus, consistency, cooperation, correspondence, empathy, fellow-feeling, friendship, good will, kinship, like-mindedness, peace, rapport, sympathy, tranquility, unanimity, understanding, unity Concept: friendship Entry: harmony Function: noun Definition: correspondence Synonyms: accord, agreement, articulation, balance, chime, concord, concordance, conformance, conformity, congruity, consistency, consonance, fitness, form, integration, integrity, oneness, order, parallelism, proportion, regularity, suitability, symmetry, togetherness, tune, unity Concept: correspondence Entry: harmony Function: noun Definition: musicality Synonyms: accord, accordance, arrangement, attunement, blend, blending, chime, chord, chorus, composition, concentus, concert, concinnity, concurrence, consonance, diapason, euphony, harmonics, mellifluousness, melodiousness, melody, music, organum, overtone, piece, polyphony, richness, symphony, triad, tune, tunefulness, unison, unity Concept: sound Entry: identity Function: noun Definition: similarity Synonyms: accord, agreement, congruence, congruity, correspondence, empathy, equality, equivalence, identicalness, likeness, oneness, rapport, resemblance, sameness, selfsameness, semblance, similitude, unanimity, uniformity, unity Concept: correspondence Entry: individuality Function: noun Definition: personality Synonyms: air, character, complexion, difference, discreteness, disposition, dissimilarity, distinction, distinctiveness, eccentricity, habit, humor, identity, idiosyncrasy, independence, individualism, ipseity, makeup, manner, nature, oddity, oneness, originality, particularity, peculiarity, rarity, seity, selfdom, selfhood, selfness, separateness, singleness, singularity, singularness, temper, temperament, uniqueness, unity, unlikeness, way Concept: personality entity Entry: integrity Function: noun Definition: completeness Synonyms: absoluteness, coherence, cohesion, entireness, perfection, purity, simplicity, soundness, stability, totality, unity, wholeness Concept: completeness Entry: organization Function: noun Definition: arrangement Synonyms: alignment, arranging, assembling, assembly, chemistry, composition, configuration, conformation, constitution, construction, coordination, design, disposal, format, formation, forming, formulation, framework, grouping, harmony, institution, make-up, making, management, method, methodology, organism, organizing, pattern, plan, planning, regulation, running, situation, standard, standardization, structure, structuring, symmetry, system, unity, whole Concept: sequence/order Entry: parity Function: noun Definition: balance Synonyms: adequation, affinity, agreement, analogy, approximation, closeness, coequality, conformity, congruity, consistency, correspondence, equal terms, equality, equivalence, equivalency, likeness, nearness, par, parallelism, resemblance, sameness, similarity, similitude, uniformity, unity Concept: balance Entry: peace Function: noun Definition: harmony Synonyms: accord, agreement, amity, armistice, brotherhood, cessation, conciliation, concord, fraternalism, fraternization, friendship, love, neutrality, order, pacification, pacifism, reconciliation, treaty, truce, unanimity, union, unity Concept: agreement Entry: rapport Function: noun Definition: understanding Synonyms: affinity, agreement, bond, compatibility, concord, cotton, empathy, good vibes, good vibrations, groovy, harmony, interrelationship, link, relationship, same wavelength, simpatico, soul, sympathy, togetherness, unity Concept: friendship Entry: sameness Function: noun Definition: similarity Synonyms: adequation, alikeness, analogy, equality, equivalency, identicalness, identity, indistinguishability, likeness, monotony, no difference, oneness, par, parity, predictability, repetition, resemblance, selfsameness, standardization, tedium, uniformity, unison, unity, unvariedness Concept: similarity Entry: simplicity Function: noun Definition: easiness Synonyms: artlessness, candor, chastity, clarity, classicality, clean lines, clearness, directness, ease, easiness, elementariness, guilelessness, homogeneity, ingenuousness, innocence, integrity, modesty, monotony, naivety, naturalness, na•vetˇ, obviousness, openness, plainness, primitiveness, purity, restraint, severity, singleness, straightforwardness, uniformity, unity Concept: simplicity Entry: sympathy Function: noun Definition: shared feeling Synonyms: accord, affinity, agreement, alliance, attraction, benignancy, close relation, commiseration, compassion, concord, congeniality, connection, correspondence, empathy, feelings, fellow feeling, grandstand play, harmony, heart, kindliness, kindness, mutual attraction, mutual fondness, rapport, responsiveness, sensitivity, tenderness, understanding, union, unity, warmheartedness, warmth Concept: kindness Entry: union Function: noun Definition: merger Synonyms: abutment, accord, agglutination, agreement, amalgam, amalgamation, blend, centralization, coadunation, combination, coming together, commixture, compound, concatenation, conciliation, concord, concurrence, confluence, congregation, conjunction, consolidation, correlation, coupling, fusion, harmony, hookup, incorporation, intercourse, joining, joint, junction, juncture, meeting, melding, merging, mixture, seam, symbiosis, synthesis, tie-in, tie-up, unanimity, unification, unison, uniting, unity Concept: joining Entry: unison Function: noun Definition: harmony Synonyms: accord, accordance, agreement, alliance, community, concert, concord, concordance, conjunction, consent, consonance, cooperation, federation, fellowship, fraternity, league, reciprocity, sympathy, unanimity, union, unity Concept: correspondence Entry: whole Function: noun Definition: total Synonyms: aggregate, aggregation, all, amount, assemblage, assembly, being, big picture, body, bulk, coherence, collectivity, combination, complex, ensemble, entirety, entity, everything, fullness, gross, integral, jackpot, linkage, lot, lump, oneness, organism, organization, piece, quantity, quantum, result, sum, sum total, summation, supply, system, the works, totality, unit, unity, whole enchilada, whole shebang Concept: completeness ADVERTISEMENT