force, inflection, intonation, meter, modulation, pitch, pronunciation, rhythm, stroke, timbre, tonality, tone Concept: vocalization (human) Entry: action Function: noun Definition: activity Synonyms: activity, agility, alacrity, alertness, animation, bag, ball game, big idea, bit, business, bustle, commotion, dash, deal, energy, enterprise, flurry, force, Functioning, game, going, happening, haste, hoopla, life, liveliness, motion, movement, occupation, operation, pipeline, plan, power, process, proposition, racket, reaction, response, rush, scene, spirit, stir, stunt, trip, turmoil, vigor, vim, vitality, vivacity, work, working, works Antonyms: inaction, inactiveness, inactivity Concept: manifestation/exhibition Entry: active Function: adjective Definition: moving Synonyms: alive, at work, bustling, effective, efficacious, exertive, flowing, Functioning, going, hasty, impelling, in force a confession. b. To move or effect against resistance or inertia: forced my foot into the shoe. c. To inflict or impose relentlessly: He forced his ideas upon the group. 3. a. To put undue strain on: She forced her voice despite being hoarse. b. To increase or accelerate (a pace, for example) backto the maximum. c. To produce with effort and against one's will: force  secret a laugh in spite of pain. d. To use (language) with obvious lack of ease and naturalness. 4. a. To move, open, or clear by force: forced our way through the crowd. b. To break down or open by force: force a lock. 5. To rape. 6. Botany. To cause to grow or mature by artificially accelerating normal processes. 7. Baseball. a. To put (a runner) out on a force play. b. To allow (a run) to be scored by walking a batter when the bases are loaded. 8. Games. To cause an opponent to play (a particular card). Idioms: force (someone's) hand To force to act or speak prematurely or unwillingly. in force 1. In full strength; in large numbers: Demonstrators were out in force. 2. In effect; operative: a rule that is no longer in force. [Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin fortia, from neuter pl. of Latin fortis, strong. See bhergh-2 in Indo-European Roots.] forceaáble adj. forcer n. Synonyms: force, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige, obligate These verbs mean to cause a person or thing to follow a prescribed or dictated course. force, the most general, usually implies the exertion of physical power or the operation of circumstances that permit no options: Tear gas forced the fugitives out of their hiding place. Compel applies especially to an act dictated by one in authority: Say nothing unless you're compelled to. Coerce invariably implies the use of strength or harsh measures in securing compliance: "The man of genius rules... by persuading an efficient minority to coerce an indifferent and self-indulgent majority" (James Fitzjames Stephen). Constrain suggests that one is bound to a course of action by physical or moral means or by the operation of compelling circumstances: "I will never be by violence constrained to do anything" (Elizabeth I). Oblige implies the operation of authority, necessity, or moral or ethical considerations: "Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do" (Mark Twain). Obligate applies when compliance is enforced by a legal contract or by the dictates of one's conscience or sense of propriety: I am obligated to repay the loan. See also Synonyms at strength [Download or Buy Now] Source: The American Heritage¨ Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. force Rate of change of momentum with time. forces are said to cause accelerations via f = ma (Newton's law). There are four primary forces known presently: the gravitational, electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces. The gravitational and electromagnetic forces are long-range (dropping as 1/distance^2), while the nuclear forces are short range (effective only within nuclei, distances on the order of 10^-15 metres). The electromagnetic force is much stronger than the gravitational force, but is generally cancelled over large distances because of the balance of positive and negative charges. See: momentum. (04 Apr 1998) On-line medial Dictionary 23 Mar. 2004. force \force\, n. [F. force, LL. forcia, fortia, fr. L. fortis strong. See Fort, n.] 1. Strength or energy of body or mind; active power; vigor; might; often, an unusual degree of strength or energy; capacity of exercising an influence or producing an effect; especially, power to persuade, or convince, or impose obligation; pertinency; validity; special signification; as, the force of an appeal, an argument, a contract, or a term. He was, in the full force of the words, a good man. --Macaulay. 2. Power exerted against will or consent; compulsory power; violence; coercion. Which now they hold by force, and not by right. --Shak. 3. Strength or power for war; hence, a body of land or naval combatants, with their appurtenances, ready for action; -- an armament; troops; warlike array; -- often in the plural; hence, a body of men prepared for action in other ways; as, the laboring force of a plantation. Is Lucius general of the forces? --Shak. 4. (Law) (a) Strength or power exercised without law, or contrary to law, upon persons or things; violence. (b) Validity; efficacy. --Burrill. 5. (Physics) Any action between two bodies which changes, or tends to change, their relative condition as to rest or motion; or, more generally, which changes, or tends to change, any physical relation between them, whether mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, magnetic, or of any other kind; as, the force of gravity; cohesive force; centrifugal force. Animal force (Physiol.), muscular force or energy. Catabiotic force [Gr. ? down (intens.) + ? life.] (Biol.), the influence exerted by living structures on adjoining cells, by which the latter are developed in harmony with the primary structures. Centrifugal force, Centripetal force, Coercive force, etc. See under Centrifugal, Centripetal, etc. Composition of forces, Correlation of forces, etc. See under Composition, Correlation, etc. force and arms [trans. of L. vi et armis] (Law), an expression in old indictments, signifying violence. In force, or Of force, of unimpaired efficacy; valid; of full virtue; not suspended or reversed. ``A testament is of force after men are dead.'' --Heb. ix. 17. Metabolic force (Physiol.), the influence which causes and controls the metabolism of the body. No force, no matter of urgency or consequence; no account; hence, to do no force, to make no account of; not to heed. [Obs.] --Chaucer. Of force, of necessity; unavoidably; imperatively. ``Good reasons must, of force, give place to better.'' --Shak. Plastic force (Physiol.), the force which presumably acts in the growth and repair of the tissues. Vital force (Physiol.), that force or power which is inherent in organization; that form of energy which is the cause of the vital phenomena of the body, as distinguished from the physical forces generally known. Syn: Strength; vigor; might; energy; stress; vehemence; violence; compulsion; coaction; constraint; coercion. Usage: force, Strength. Strength looks rather to power as an inward capability or energy. Thus we speak of the strength of timber, bodily strength, mental strength, strength of emotion, etc. force, on the other hand, looks more to the outward; as, the force of gravitation, force of circumstances, force of habit, etc. We do, indeed, speak of strength of will and force of will; but even here the former may lean toward the internal tenacity of purpose, and the latter toward the outward expression of it in action. But, though the two words do in a few cases touch thus closely on each other, there is, on the whole, a marked distinction in our use of force and strength. ``force is the name given, in mechanical science, to whatever produces, or can produce, motion.'' --Nichol. Thy tears are of no force to mollify This flinty man. --Heywood. More huge in strength than wise in works he was. --Spenser. Adam and first matron Eve Had ended now their orisons, and found Strength added from above, new hope to spring Out of despair. --Milton. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. force \force\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. forced; p. pr. & vb. n. Forcing.] [OF. forcier, F. forcer, fr. LL. forciare, fortiare. See force, n.] 1. To constrain to do or to forbear, by the exertion of a power not resistible; to compel by physical, moral, or intellectual means; to coerce; as, masters force slaves to labor. 2. To compel, as by strength of evidence; as, to force conviction on the mind. 3. To do violence to; to overpower, or to compel by violence to one;s will; especially, to ravish; to violate; to commit rape upon. To force their monarch and insult the court. --Dryden. I should have forced thee soon wish other arms. --Milton. To force a spotless virgin's chastity. --Shak. 4. To obtain or win by strength; to take by violence or struggle; specifically, to capture by assault; to storm, as a fortress. 5. To impel, drive, wrest, extort, get, etc., by main strength or violence; -- with a following adverb, as along, away, from, into, through, out, etc. It stuck so fast, so deeply buried lay That scarce the victor forced the steel away. --Dryden. To force the tyrant from his seat by war. --Sahk. Ethelbert ordered that none should be forced into religion. --Fuller. 6. To put in force; to cause to be executed; to make binding; to enforce. [Obs.] What can the church force more? --J. Webster. 7. To exert to the utmost; to urge; hence, to strain; to urge to excessive, unnatural, or untimely action; to produce by unnatural effort; as, to force a consient or metaphor; to force a laugh; to force fruits. High on a mounting wave my head I bore, Forcing my strength, and gathering to the shore. --Dryden. 8. (Whist) To compel (an adversary or partner) to trump a trick by leading a suit of which he has none. 9. To provide with forces; to re["e]nforce; to strengthen by soldiers; to man; to garrison. [Obs.] --Shak. 10. To allow the force of; to value; to care for. [Obs.] For me, I force not argument a straw. --Shak. Syn: To compel; constrain; oblige; necessitate; coerce; drive; press; impel. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. force \force\, v. i. [Obs. in all the senses.] 1. To use violence; to make violent effort; to strive; to endeavor. Forcing with gifts to win his wanton heart. --Spenser. 2. To make a difficult matter of anything; to labor; to hesitate; hence, to force of, to make much account of; to regard. Your oath once broke, you force not to forswear. --Shak. I force not of such fooleries. --Camden. 3. To be of force, importance, or weight; to matter. It is not sufficient to have attained the name and dignity of a shepherd, not forcing how. --Udall. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. force n 1: a powerful effect or influence: "the force of his eloquence easily persuaded them" 2: the physical influence that produces a change in a physical quantity; "force equals mass times acceleration" 3: physical energy or intensity: "he hit with all the force he could muster"; "it was destroyed by the strength of the gale"; "a government has not the vitality and forcefulness of a living man" [syn: forcefulness, strength] 4: group of people willing to obey orders; "a public force is necessary to give security to the rights of citizens" [syn: personnel] 5: a unit that is part of some military service; "he sent Caesar a force of six thousand men" [syn: military unit, military force] 6: an act of aggression (as one against a person who resists); "he may accomplish by craft in the long run what he cannot do by force and violence in the short one" [syn: violence] 7: one possessing or exercising power or influence or authority: "the mysterious presence of an evil power"; "may the force be with you"; "the forces of evil" [syn: power] 8: a group of people having the power of effective action; "he joined forces with a band of adventurers" 9: (of a law) having legal validity; "the law is still in effect" [syn: effect] v 1: to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city" [syn: coerce, pressure] 2: urge or force (a person) to an action; constrain or motivate [syn: impel] 3: move with force, "He pushed the table into a corner"; "She pushed her chin out" [syn: push] [ant: pull] 4: impose or thrust urgently, importunately, or inexorably; "She forced her diet fads on him" [syn: thrust] 5: squeeze like a wedge into a tight space; "I squeezed myself into the corner" [syn: wedge, squeeze] 6: physical or metaphorical, as in "She rammed her mind into focus" [syn: run, drive, ram] 7: cause to move along the ground by pulling; "draw a wagon"; "pull a sled" [syn: pull, draw] [ant: push] 8: do forcibly; exert force; "Don't force it!" 9: take by force; "Storm the fort" [syn: storm] Source: WordNet ¨ 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University enforce Function: verb Definition: administer Synonyms: accomplish, administrate, apply, carry out, coerce, commandeer, compel, constrain, crack down, demand, dictate, discharge, dragoon, drive, effect, egg on, emphasize, exact, execute, exert, expect, extort, force upon, fortify, fulfill, goad, hound, impel, implement, impose, incite, insist on, invoke, lash, lean on, make, necessitate, oblige, perform, press, prosecute, reinforce, require, sanction, spur, strain, stress, strong-arm, support, urge, whip, wrest Antonyms: abandon, disregard, forget, give up, neglect, relax Concept: law action Entry: force Function: noun Definition: energy Synonyms: arm, beef, brunt, clout, coercion, compulsion, conscription, constraint, draft, duress, dynamism, effort, enforcement, exaction, extortion, fury, horsepower, impact, impetus, impulse, might, momentum, muscle, pains, potency, potential, pow, power, pressure, punch, push, sinew, sock, speed, steam, stimulus, strain, strength, stress, strong arm, stuff, subjection, tension, trouble, velocity, vigor, violence Concept: force Entry: force Function: noun Definition: capability Synonyms: ability, authority, bite, capability, coercion, cogency, competence, determination, dominance, drive, duress, effect, effectiveness, efficacy, emphasis, fierceness, forcefulness, gumption, guts, impressiveness, influence, intensity, intestinal fortitude, obligation, persistence, persuasiveness, point, pressure, puissance, punch, push, requirement, sapience, stress, validity, validness, vehemence, vigor, willpower Concept: ability Entry: force Function: noun Definition: military Synonyms: armed forces, army, battalion, body, cell, corps, crew, detachment, division, horses, host, legion, military, patrol, regiment, servicemen, shop, soldiers, squad, squadron, troop, unit Concept: military entity Entry: force Function: verb Definition: obligate Synonyms: apply, bear down, bind, blackmail, burden, cause, charge, choke, coerce, command, compel, concuss, conscript, constrain, contract, demand, draft, drag, dragoon, drive, enforce, enjoin, exact, extort, fix, impel, impose, inflict, insist, limit, make, move, necessitate, oblige, obtrude, occasion, order, overcome, pin down, press, pressure, pressurize, require, restrict, sandbag, shotgun, strong-arm, urge, wrest, wring Concept: demand Entry: force Function: verb Definition: push Synonyms: assault, blast, break in, break open, burst, bust open, crack open, defile, extort, jimmy, propel, pry, push, rape, ravish, spoil, squeeze, thrust, twist, undo, violate, wrench, wrest, wring Concept: pushing Entry: accent Function: noun Definition: stress Synonyms: accentuation, articulation, beat, cadence, emphasis, enunciation, , in play, in process, mobile, movable, moving, operating, operative, progressive, pushing, rapid, restless, rolling, running, rushing, rustling, shifting, simmering, speeding, speedy, streaming, swarming, traveling, turning, walking, working Antonyms: abeyant, dormant, immobile, inactive, lazy, sluggish, static, stationary Concept: motion Entry: agency Function: noun Definition: power Synonyms: action, activity, auspices, channel, efficiency, force, influence, instrument, instrumentality, intercession, intervention, means, mechanism, mediation, medium, operation, organ, vehicle, work Concept: authority Entry: agent Function: noun Definition: power Synonyms: cause, channel, factor, force, instrument, means, medium, organ, power, vehicle Concept: authority Entry: arm Function: noun Definition: subdivision Synonyms: affiliation, annex, authority, block, branch, command, department, detachment, division, ell, extension, force, offshoot, power, projection, section, sector, wing Concept: business entity Entry: armada Function: noun Definition: fleet Synonyms: fleet, flotilla, force, navy, squadron Concept: military entity Entry: army Function: noun Definition: soldiers Synonyms: armed force, artillery, battalion, battery, brigade, cavalry, column, command, company, corps, detail, division, flight, formation, infantry, legion, men, outfit, patrol unit, platoon, regiment, soldiers, soldiery, squad, troops, wing Concept: military entity Entry: artillery Function: noun Definition: weaponry Synonyms: arms, battery, bazooka, big gun, canon, canonry, force, gunnery, heavy stuff, munitions, ordnance, rainmaker, stovepipe, weapons Concept: weapon Entry: authority Function: noun Definition: power Synonyms: ascendancy, authorization, beef, bible, charge, clout, command, control, credit, domination, dominion, edge, esteem, force, goods, government, guts, influence, juice, jump, jurisdiction, license, mastery, might, permission, permit, pizzazz, pow, powerhouse, prerogative, prestige, punch, right, ropes, rule, say, say so, say-so, steam, strength, strong arm, supremacy, sway, upper hand, warrant, weight, whip hand, word, zap Concept: authority Entry: battalion Function: noun Definition: division Synonyms: army, brigade, company, contingent, corps, force, horde, host, legion, multitude, regiment, squadron, throng, unit Concept: military entity Entry: beef Function: noun Definition: power Synonyms: arm, brawn, flesh, force, heftiness, meat, might, muscle, physique, power, robustness, sinew, steam, strength, thew, vigor Concept: body structure/condition Entry: bind Function: verb Definition: obligate Synonyms: compel, confine, constrain, detain, engage, enslave, force, hamper, hinder, hogtie, indenture, lock up, necessitate, oblige, prescribe, require, restrain, restrict, yoke Antonyms: allow, let, permit Concept: prevention/restriction Entry: blackmail Function: verb Definition: extort Synonyms: badger, bleed, bribe, coerce, compel, demand, exact, extort, force, milk, ransom, shake, shake down, squeeze, threaten Concept: lawlessness Entry: brigade Function: noun Definition: fleet Synonyms: army, band, body, company, contingent, corps, crew, detachment, force, group, organization, outfit, party, squad, team, troop, unit Antonyms: individual, one Concept: group entity Entry: bring Function: verb Definition: cause Synonyms: begin, compel, contribute, convert, convince, create, dispose, effect, engender, force, induce, inflict, influence, lead, make, move, occasion, persuade, prevail on, prevail upon, produce, prompt, result in, sway, wreak Antonyms: avoid, back out, desist, give up, hold back Concept: starting Entry: brunt Function: noun Definition: bad result Synonyms: burden, force, impact, pressure, shock, strain, stress, tension, thrust, violence Concept: situation (bad) Entry: bulldoze Function: verb Definition: demolish Synonyms: drive, elbow, flatten, force, jostle, level, press, propel, push, raze, shove, thrust Antonyms: build, construct Concept: destruction Entry: cadre Function: noun Definition: core Synonyms: core, force, framework, infrastructure, key group, officers, organization, personnel, staff Concept: group entity Entry: caliber Function: noun Definition: capacity Synonyms: ability, appetency, capability, character, constitution, dignity, distinction, endowment, essence, faculty, force, gifts, habilitation, merit, nature, parts, power, quality, stature, strength, talent, value, virtue, worth, worthiness Antonyms: inability, limitation Concept: personality entity Entry: cascade Function: noun Definition: fall Synonyms: avalanche, cataract, chute, deluge, downrush, falls, flood, force, fountain, outpouring, precipitation, rapids, shower, spout, torrent, watercourse, waterfall Concept: water (body of) Entry: coerce Function: verb Definition: compel Synonyms: beset, browbeat, bulldoze, bully, concuss, constrain, cow, dragoon, drive, force, high pressure, hinder, impel, intimidate, lean on, make, menace, oblige, press, pressurize, push, repress, restrict, shotgun, strong-arm, suppress, terrorize, threaten, urge Antonyms: allow, leave alone, permit Concept: persuasion Entry: coercion Function: noun Definition: compulsion Synonyms: browbeating, bullying, constraint, duress, force, intimidation, menace, menacing, persuasion, pressure, restraint, threat, threatening, violence Concept: persuasion Entry: cogency Function: noun Definition: effectiveness Synonyms: bearing, concern, connection, conviction, convincingness, force, forcefulness, pertinence, point, potency, power, punch, relevance, strength, validity, validness Antonyms: impotency, invalidness, irrelevance, unforcefulness Concept: effectiveness Entry: command Function: verb Definition: demand Synonyms: adjure, appoint, authorize, ban, bar, beckon, bid, call, call for, call on, call upon, charge, check, cite, compel, debar, dictate, direct, enact, enjoin, exact, forbid, force upon, give directions, give orders, grant, impose, inflict, inhibit, instruct, interdict, mark out, oblige, ordain, order, ordinate, proclaim, prohibit, require, requisition, restrain, rule out, send for, set, subpoena, summon, take charge, take lead, task, tell, warn Antonyms: contradict, countermand, oppose, recall, revoke Concept: demand Entry: command Function: verb Definition: rule Synonyms: administer, boss, charge, check, coach, coerce, compel, conduct, conquer, constrain, control, curb, determine, dictate, direct, dominate, domineer, exact, exercise power, force, govern, guide, have authority, head, hinder, hold office, influence, lead, lord, manage, master, officiate, oppress, override, predominate, prescribe, preside over, prevail, push, regulate, reign, reign over, repress, restrain, run, stop, subdue, superintend, supervise, sway, take over, tyrannize, wield Antonyms: follow, give allegiance to, obey Concept: govt/political action Entry: committee Function: noun Definition: group Synonyms: board, bureau, cabinet, chamber, commission, consultants, convocation, council, investigators, jury, panel, representatives, task force, trustees Concept: business entity Entry: compulsion Function: noun Definition: drive Synonyms: coercion, constraint, demand, drive, driving, duress, duty, engrossment, exigency, force, hang-up, monkey, necessity, need, obligation, obsession, preoccupation, prepossession, pressure, urge, urgency Antonyms: coaxing, persuassion Concept: behavior (bad) Entry: constrain Function: verb Definition: restrain Synonyms: ban, bar, bind, bottle up, bridle, chain, check, coerce, compel, confine, constrict, cool off, cork, curb, deny, deprive, disallow, drive, force, hem in, hog-tie, hold back, hold down, hold in, immure, impel, imprison, incarcerate, inhibit, intern, jail, make, necessitate, oblige, pressure, pressurize, shotgun, stifle, urge, withhold Antonyms: free, let go, liberate, release Concept: prevention/restriction Entry: constraint Function: noun Definition: force Synonyms: coercion, compulsion, driving, duress, force, goad, hang-up, impelling, impulsion, jones, monkey, motive, necessity, no-no, pressure, repression, spring, spur, suppression, violence Concept: prevention/restriction Entry: control Function: noun Definition: mastery Synonyms: ascendancy, authority, bridle, charge, check, check, clout, containment, curb, determination, direction, discipline, domination, dominion, driver's seat, force, government, guidance, inside track, juice, jurisdiction, limitation, management, manipulation, might, oversight, power, predomination, qualification, regimentation, regulation, restraint, restriction, ropes, rule, strings, subjection, subordination, superintendence, supervision, supremacy, sway, upper hand, weight Concept: authority Entry: cram Function: verb Definition: fill Synonyms: charge, chock, choke, compact, compress, crowd, crush, devour, drive, force, gobble, gorge, guzzle, heap, ingurgitate, jam, jam-pack, load, overcrowd, overeat, overfill, pack, pack in, press, ram, sardine, satiate, shove, slop, slosh, squash, squeeze, stive, stuff, tamp, thrust, wedge, wolf Antonyms: deplete, empty, let out, loosen up, unstuff Concept: pushing Entry: crush Function: verb Definition: defeating Synonyms: annihilate, bear down, beat, blot out, blow away, conquer, defeat, demolish, extinguish, force down, ice, kill, obliterate, overcome, overpower, overwhelm, put down, quelch, quell, reduce, ruin, snow under, squelch, strangle, subdue, subjugate, suppress, vanquish, wreck Antonyms: bow down, lose, surrender Concept: defeating Entry: dash Function: noun Definition: style Synonyms: animation, brio, energy, esprit, flair, flourish, force, impressiveness, intensity, life, might, oomph, panache, power, spirit, strength, vehemence, verve, vigor, vim, vivacity, zing, zip, Žlan Antonyms: apathy, dullness, languor, lethargy, listlessness, stagnation Concept: stylishness Entry: decree Function: verb Definition: order Synonyms: announce, command, compel, constrain, decide, declare, demand, determine, dictate, enact, force, impose, lay down, oblige, ordain, prescribe, proclaim, pronounce, require, rule, set Concept: demand Entry: deflower Function: verb Definition: rape Synonyms: assault, break cherry, break in, defile, deflorate, depredate, desecrate, despoil, devour, force, harm, have, mar, molest, outrage, possess, ravish, ruin, seduce, sleep with, spoil, violate Concept: lawlessness Entry: demand Function: verb Definition: ask strongly Synonyms: abuse, appeal, apply, arrogate, badger, beg, beseech, besiege, bid, challenge, charge, cite, claim, clamor for, coerce, command, compel, constrain, counterclaim, direct, dun, enjoin, entreat, exact, expect, force, hit, hit up, impetrate, implore, importune, inquire, insist on, interrogate, knock, nag, necessitate, oblige, order, pester, petition, postulate, pray, press, question, request, require, requisition, solicit, stipulate, sue for, summon, summons, supplicate, tax, urge Antonyms: cede, give, grant, offer Concept: demand Entry: department Function: noun Definition: section Synonyms: administration, agency, area, arena, beat, board, branch, bureau, canton, circuit, commission, commune, constituency, division, force, office, parish, precinct, quarter, range, staff, station, subdivision, territory, tract, unit, ward Concept: minor part Entry: detachment Function: noun Definition: troop Synonyms: army, body, detail, force, organization, party, patrol, squad, task force, unit Concept: military entity Entry: detail Function: noun Definition: troop Synonyms: army, assignment, body, detachment, duty, fatigue, force, kitchen police, KP, organization, party, squad Concept: military entity Entry: dislodge Function: verb Definition: loosen Synonyms: dig out, disentangle, dislocate, displace, disturb, eject, evict, extricate, force out, oust, remove, uproot Antonyms: embed, lodge, plant, root, seat, stick, wedge Concept: removal/subtraction Entry: dismiss Function: verb Definition: send away Synonyms: abolish, banish, boot, brush off, bundle, cast off, cast out, chase, chuck, clear, decline, deport, detach, disband, discard, dispatch, dispense with, disperse, dispose of, dissolve, divorce, do without, drive out, eject, expel, force out, free, kick out, let go, let out, lock out, outlaw, push aside, push back, reject, release, relegate, relinquish, repel, repudiate, rid, rout, send off, send packing, shed, show out, slough off, supersede, sweep away, turn out, unmarry Antonyms: hold, keep, maintain, welcome Concept: releasing Entry: displace Function: verb Definition: move Synonyms: crowd out, derange, disarrange, disestablish, dislocate, dislodge, displant, dispossess, disturb, eject, evict, expel, expulse, force out, lose, mislay, misplace, relegate, shift, transpose, unsettle, uproot Concept: positioning Entry: drive Function: verb Definition: urge on Synonyms: act upon, actuate, animate, arouse, bulldoze, chase, coerce, compel, constrain, dog, egg on, encourage, force, goad, goose, harass, hasten, herd, hound, hurl, hurry, hustle, impel, induce, inspire, instigate, jawbone, kick, lean on, make, motivate, nag, oblige, overburden, overwork, pound, press, pressure, prod, prompt, propel, provoke, push, railroad, rouse, rush, send, shepherd, shove, spirit up, spur, steamroll, stimulate, work on, worry Antonyms: curb, discourage, dissuade, inhibit, repress, stop Concept: persuasion Entry: duress Function: noun Definition: hardship Synonyms: bondage, captivity, coercion, compulsion, confinement, constraint, control, detention, discipline, force, imprisonment, incarceration, pressure, restraint, threat, violence Antonyms: free will Concept: situation (bad) Entry: effect Function: noun Definition: impression Synonyms: action, clout, drift, effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency, enforcement, essence, execution, fact, force, implementation, import, imprint, influence, mark, meaning, power, purport, purpose, reality, sense, significance, strength, tenor, use, validity, vigor, weight Concept: effectiveness Entry: effective Function: adjective Definition: in use Synonyms: active, actual, current, direct, dynamic, in effect, in execution, in force, in operation, operative, real Antonyms: inoperative, useless Concept: usefulness Entry: effectiveness Function: noun Definition: influence Synonyms: capability, clout, cogency, effect, efficacy, efficiency, force, forcefulness, performance, point, potency, power, punch, strength, success, use, validity, validness, verve, vigor, weight Antonyms: ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, weakness Concept: effectiveness Entry: effectual Function: adjective Definition: influential Synonyms: accomplishing, achieving, adequate, authoritative, binding, capable, conclusive, decisive, determinative, effecting, effective, efficacious, efficient, forcible, fulfilling, in force, lawful, legal, licit, potent, powerful, practicable, productive, qualified, serviceable, sound, strong, successful, telling, useful, valid, virtuous, workable Antonyms: impotent, incapable, ineffectual, unproductive, unsuccessful, weak Concept: effectiveness Entry: efficacy Function: noun Definition: capability Synonyms: ability, adequacy, capableness, capacity, competence, effect, effectiveness, efficaciousness, efficiency, energy, force, influence, performance, potency, power, productiveness, strength, success, sufficiency, use, vigor, virtue, weight Antonyms: ineffectiveness, inefficacy, inefficiency Concept: achievement Entry: effort Function: noun Definition: work Synonyms: accomplishment, achievement, act, aim, application, aspiration, attempt, battle, crack, creation, deed, discipline, drill, elbow grease, endeavor, energy, enterprise, essay, exercise, exertion, feat, fling, force, go, industry, intention, job, labor, pains, power, product, production, pull, purpose, push, resolution, shot, spurt, stab, strain, stress, stretch, strife, striving, struggle, sweat, tension, toil, training, travail, trial, trouble, try, tug, undertaking, venture, whack Antonyms: do-nothingness, ease, inaction, lackadaisicalness, laziness Concept: effort Entry: eject Function: verb Definition: throw out Synonyms: banish, bounce, bump, cast out, chuck, debar, disbar, discharge, disgorge, dislodge, dismiss, displace, dispossess, ditch, drive off, dump, eliminate, emit, eradicate, eruct, erupt, evacuate, evict, exclude, expel, expulse, extrude, fire, force out, heave out, irrupt, kick out, kiss goodbye, oust, reject, rout, sack, sending packing, spew, spit out, spout, squeeze out, throw out, throw overboard, turn out, unloose, vomit Antonyms: accept, admit, house, receive, shelter, take in Concept: removal/subtraction Entry: eloquence Function: noun Definition: wittiness Synonyms: ability, appeal, articulation, delivery, diction, dramatic, expression, expressiveness, expressivity, facility, facundity, fervor, flow, fluency, force, forcefulness, grandiloquence, loquacity, meaningfulness, mellifluousness, oration, oratory, passion, persuasiveness, poise, power, rhetoric, spirit, style, vigor, vivacity, volubility, wit Concept: description Entry: emphasis Function: noun Definition: importance Synonyms: accent, accentuation, attention, decidedness, force, hard-hitting, headlined, highlighted, impressiveness, insistence, intensity, moment, positiveness, power, preeminence, priority, prominence, significance, strength, stress, underlined, underscoring, weight Antonyms: negitiveness, unimportance Concept: importance Entry: energy Function: noun Definition: spirit Synonyms: activity, animation, application, ardor, beef, birr, dash, drive, effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency, endurance, enterprise, exertion, fire, force, forcefulness, fortitude, get-up-and-go, go, hardihood, initiative, intensity, juice, life, liveliness, might, moxie, muscle, operativeness, pep, pizzazz, pluck, potency, power, puissance, punch, spirit, spontaneity, stamina, steam, strength, toughness, tuck, vehemence, verve, vim, virility, vitality, vivacity, zeal, zest, zing, zip, Žlan Antonyms: feebleness, impotence, inertia, powerlessness, weakness Concept: personality entity Entry: energy Function: noun Definition: power Synonyms: application, burn, conductivity, current, dynamism, electricity, force, friction, gravity, heat, horsepower, juice, kilowatts, magnetism, potential, pressure, radioactivity, rays, reaction, response, service, steam, strength, voltage Antonyms: lethargy, listlessness, sluggishness Concept: energy entity Entry: enterprise Function: noun Definition: resourcefulness Synonyms: activity, adventurousness, alertness, ambition, audacity, boldness, courage, daring, dash, drive, eagerness, energy, enthusiasm, force, foresight, get-up-and-go, gumption, hustle, industry, initiative, inventiveness, pluck, push, readiness, resource, self-reliance, spirit, venturesomeness, vigor, zeal Antonyms: apathy, idleness, laziness, lethargy, passiveness, sloth Concept: enthusiasm Entry: evict Function: verb Definition: throw out Synonyms: adios, boot out, bounce, chase, chuck, dislodge, dismiss, dispossess, drum out, eject, expel, extrude, force out, freeze out, heave-ho, kick out, oust, out, put out, remove, send packing, shut out, turn out Antonyms: admit, house, lease, lodge, rent, take in, welcome Concept: removal/subtraction Entry: exact Function: verb Definition: demand Synonyms: assess, bleed, call, call for, challenge, claim, coerce, command, compel, constrain, extort, extract, force, gouge, impose, insist upon, lean on, levy, line up, oblige, pinch, postulate, put on, require, requisition, screw, shake down, solicit, squeeze, wrench, wrest, wring Antonyms: give, offer, tender Concept: demand Entry: exclude Function: verb Definition: forbid Synonyms: ban, bar, bate, blackball, blacklist, block, bounce, boycott, close out, count out, debar, disallow, drive out, eject, eliminate, embargo, estop, evict, except, expel, force out, ignore, interdict, keep out, leave out, lock out, obviate, occlude, omit, ostracize, oust, pass over, preclude, prevent, prohibit, proscribe, put out, refuse, refuse admittance, reject, remove, repudiate, rule out, set aside, shut out, sideline, suspend, throw out, veto, ward off Antonyms: admit, allow, include, invite, take in, welcome Concept: exclusion Entry: express Function: verb Definition: discharge Synonyms: crush, dispatch, distill, expel, extract, force out, forward, press out, ship, squeeze out Concept: discharging Entry: extort Function: verb Definition: cheat Synonyms: blackmail, bleed, bully, clip, coerce, demand, educe, elicit, evince, exact, extract, fleece, force, get, gouge, hold up, ice, milk, obtain, pinch, screw, secure, shake down, skin, soak, squeeze, stick, sting, worm out, wrench, wrest, wring Concept: stealing Entry: extortion Function: noun Definition: cheating Synonyms: arm, badger, bite, blackmail, coercion, compulsion, demand, exaction, force, fraud, leg pulling, oppression, payoff, payola, pressure, protection, racket, rapacity, shake, shakedown, squeeze, stealing, swindle, theft Concept: stealing Entry: fight Function: verb Definition: oppose Synonyms: argue, bicker, buck, buckle down, carry on, combat, conduct, contest, continue, defy, dispute, effect, endure, engage in, exert oneself, fall out, force, further, hammer away, hassle, lay into, light into, maintain, oppose, persevere, persist, prosecute, push forward, repel, resist, row, squabble, strive, struggle, support, take on, take pains, tangle with, toil on, travail, traverse, uphold, wage, withstand, wrangle Concept: argument Entry: figure Function: noun Definition: celebrity Synonyms: character, dignitary, force, leader, notability, notable, personage, personality, presence, somebody, worthy Concept: importance (great) Entry: fire Function: noun Definition: vigor Synonyms: animation, ardor, brio, calenture, dash, drive, eagerness, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, exhilaration, fervency, fervor, force, ginger, gusto, heartiness, heat, impetuosity, intensity, life, light, liveliness, luster, passion, pep, punch, radiance, red heat, scintillation, snap, sparkle, spirit, splendor, starch, verve, vigor, vim, virtuosity, vivacity, white heat, zeal, zing, zip, Žlan Concept: personality entity Entry: fleet Function: noun Definition: ships Synonyms: argosy, armada, flotilla, formation, line, naval force, navy, sea power, squadron, tonnage, vessels, warships Concept: transportation entity Entry: forcibly Function: adverb Definition: compulsorily Synonyms: by force, coercively, effectively, energetically, hard, mightily, powerfully, strongly, under protest, vigorously Concept: force Entry: foremost Function: adjective Definition: first Synonyms: A-1, A-number 1, arch, champion, chief, first, fore, front, head, headmost, heavy, heavy stuff, heavyweight, highest, hot stuff, hotdog, hotshot, inaugural, initial, leading, most important, number one, numero uno, original, paramount, pre-eminent, premier, primary, prime, primo, principal, supreme, the force Concept: importance (great) Entry: fury Function: noun Definition: anger Synonyms: acerbity, acrimony, asperity, blowup, bluster, boiling point, cat fit, conniption, dander, duck fit, energy, ferocity, fierceness, fire, flare-up, force, frenzy, furor, impetuosity, indignation, intensity, ire, mad, madness, might, passion, power, rabidity, rage, rampancy, rise, savagery, severity, slow burn, sore, stew, storm, tempestuousness, turbulence, vehemence, violence, wrath Concept: anger Entry: gist Function: noun Definition: meaning Synonyms: basis, bearing, bottom line, burden, core, drift, essence, force, heart, idea, import, kernel, keynote, marrow, matter, meat, nitty-gritty, nub, pith, point, punch line, quintessence, score, sense, short, significance, soul, spirit, stuff, subject, substance, summary, tenor, theme, thrust, topic, upshot Concept: meaningfulness Entry: go Function: noun Definition: spirit Synonyms: activity, animation, bang, birr, drive, energy, force, get-up-and-go, hardihood, life, moxie, oomph, pep, potency, push, snap, starch, tuck, verve, vigor, vitality, vivacity Concept: enthusiasm Entry: goad Function: verb Definition: egg on Synonyms: animate, annoy, arouse, bully, coerce, drive, encourage, excite, exhort, fire up, force, goose, harass, hound, impel, incite, inspirit, instigate, irritate, key up, lash, move, needle, press, prick, prod, prompt, propel, provoke, push, rowel, sic, sound, spark, spur, stimulate, sting, tease, thrust, trigger, turn on, urge, whip, work up, worry Concept: persuasion Entry: gravity Function: noun Definition: force Synonyms: force, heaviness, pressure, weight Concept: force ntry: greatness Function: noun Definition: large Synonyms: abundance, amplitude, bigness, bulk, enormity, force, high degree, hugeness, immensity, infinity, intensity, largeness, length, magnitude, mass, might, potency, power, prodigiousness, sizableness, strength, vastness Concept: size (large) Entry: herd Function: verb Definition: gather Synonyms: assemble, associate, collect, congregate, corral, drive, flock, force, goad, guide, huddle, lead, muster, poke, punch, rally, round up, run, scare up, shepherd, spur Concept: collecting/grouping Entry: hustle Function: verb Definition: hurry Synonyms: apply oneself, be conscientious, bulldoze, bustle, elbow, fly, force, haste, hasten, hotfoot, impel, jog, press, push, race, rush, shove, speed, thrust Concept: speed (fast) Entry: impact Function: noun Definition: collision Synonyms: appulse, bang, blow, bounce, brunt, buffet, bump, clash, concussion, contact, crash, crunch, crush, encounter, force, hit, impingement, jar, jolt, jounce, kick, knock, meeting, percussion, pound, punch, quake, quiver, ram, rap, rock, shake, shock, slap, smash, smashup, strike, stroke, thump, tremble, tremor, wallop Concept: hitting Entry: impact Function: noun Definition: effect Synonyms: brunt, burden, consequences, full force, impression, imprint, influence, mark, meaning, power, repercussion, significance, thrust, weight Concept: importance Entry: impel Function: verb Definition: prompt Synonyms: actuate, boost, compel, constrain, drive, excite, foment, force, goad, incite, induce, influence, inspire, instigate, jog, lash, mobilize, motivate, move, oblige, poke, power, press, prod, propel, push, require, shove, spur, start, stimulate, thrust, urge Concept: starting Entry: impetus Function: noun Definition: stimulus Synonyms: catalyst, energy, force, goad, impulse, impulsion, incentive, incitation, incitement, momentum, motivation, power, pressure, push, spur, stimulant, urge Concept: reason/excuse Entry: importance Function: noun Definition: significance Synonyms: accent, attention, bearing, caliber, concern, concernment, consequence, denotation, distinction, drift, effect, emphasis, force, gist, gravity, import, influence, interest, materiality, moment, momentousness, notability, paramountcy, point, precedence, preponderance, preponderancy, priority, purport, relevance, sense, seriousness, signification, standing, stress, substance, tenor, usefulness, value, weight, weightiness Concept: importance Entry: impose Function: verb Definition: dictate Synonyms: appoint, burden, charge, chisel in, command, compel, constrain, decree, demand, dish out, dump on, encroach, enforce, enjoin, establish, exact, fix, foist, force, force upon, horn in, inflict, infringe, institute, introduce, intrude, lade, lay, lay down, levy, muscle in, oblige, obtrude, ordain, order, palm off, place, prescribe, presume, promulgate, put, require, saddle, set, take advantage, trespass, visit, wish, wreak, wreck Concept: demand Entry: impulse Function: noun Definition: throb Synonyms: augmentation, beat, bump, catalyst, drive, force, impetus, impulsion, lash, momentum, movement, pressure, propulsion, pulsation, pulse, push, rush, shock, shove, stimulus, stroke, surge, thrust, vibration Concept: force Entry: incite Function: verb Definition: encourage Synonyms: abet, activate, actuate, adjy, agitate, animate, arouse, coax, craze, drive, egg on, encourage, excite, exhort, fire up, foment, force, forward, further, get to, goad, impel, induce, inflame, influence, inspire, inspirit, instigate, juice, key up, motivate, motive, persuade, prick, promote, prompt, provoke, psych, push, raise, rouse, set, set off, set on, sic, solicit, spur, stimulate, stir up, talk into, taunt, trigger, urge, whip up, work up Concept: starting Entry: inflict Function: verb Definition: impose Synonyms: administer, apply, bring upon, chisel in, command, deal out, deliver, dispense, do to, dump on, exact, expose, force, force upon, give, horn in, lay on, levy, mete out, muscle in, require, strike, subject, visit, wreak Concept: demand Entry: influence Function: noun Definition: authority Synonyms: access, agency, ascendancy, character, clout, command, connections, consequence, control, credit, direction, domination, dominion, drag, effect, esteem, fame, fix, force, grease, guidance, hold, impact, importance, imprint, in, juice, leadership, leverage, magnetism, mark, mastery, moment, money, monopoly, network, notoriety, power, predominance, prerogative, pressure, prestige, prominence, pull, repercussion, reputation, ropes, rule, significance, spell, string, supremacy, sway, weight Concept: persuasion Entry: inject Function: verb Definition: put in Synonyms: add, drag in, force into, fudge in, imbue, implant, impregnate, include, infuse, inoculate, insert, instill, interjaculate, interject, introduce, jab, lug in, mainline, place into, shoot, shoot up, squeeze in, stick in, throw in, vaccinate, worm in Concept: discharging Entry: instill Function: verb Definition: implant Synonyms: brainwash, catechize, diffuse, disseminate, engender, engraft, force in, imbue, impart, impregnate, impress, inculcate, indoctrinate, infiltrate, infix, infuse, inject, inoculate, inseminate, insert, insinuate, inspire, interject, intermix, introduce, program, propagandize, suffuse, transfuse Concept: starting Entry: instrument Function: noun Definition: means Synonyms: agency, agent, channel, factor, force, instrumentality, material, mechanism, medium, ministry, organ, vehicle, wherewithal Concept: resource Entry: intensity Function: noun Definition: force Synonyms: acuteness, anxiety, ardor, concentration, deepness, depth, earnestness, emotion, emphasis, energy, excess, excitement, extreme, extremity, fanaticism, ferment, ferociousness, ferocity, fervency, fervor, fierceness, fire, force, forcefulness, fury, high pitch, intenseness, keenness, magnitude, might, nervousness, passion, potency, power, severity, sharpness, strain, strength, tenseness, tension, vehemence, vigor, violence, volume, weightiness, wildness Concept: intensity Entry: interject Function: verb Definition: interrupt Synonyms: add, fill in, force in, fudge in, implant, import, include, infiltrate, infuse, ingrain, inject, insert, insinuate, intercalate, interpolate, interpose, intersperse, introduce, parenthesize, put in, splice, squeeze in, worm in Concept: assertion Entry: intimidate Function: verb Definition: frighten Synonyms: alarm, appall, awe, badger, bait, bludgeon, bluster, bowl over, browbeat, buffalo, bulldoze, bully, chill, coerce, compel, constrain, cow, cuff, daunt, dishearten, dismay, dispirit, disquiet, dragoon, enforce, force, hound, lean against, lean on, oblige, overawe, push around, ride, ruffle, scare, scare off, scare silly, scare stiff, showboat, spook, strong-arm, subdue, terrify, terrorize, threaten, whip Concept: fear Entry: jam Function: verb Definition: compress Synonyms: bear, bind, block, cease, clog, congest, cram, crowd, crush, elbow, force, halt, jam-pack, jostle, obstruct, pack, press, push, ram, squash, squeeze, squish, stall, stick, stuff, tamp, throng, wad, wedge Concept: pushing There is a lot of repetition in this work of cut and paste. Useless, endless, phased out. Entry: kick Function: noun Definition: power Synonyms: backlash, blow, boot, force, intensity, jar, jolt, pep, punch, pungency, snap, sparkle, strength, tang, verve, vitality, zest, zing Concept: strength Entry: labor Function: noun Definition: serviceworkers Synonyms: apprentice, blue collar, blue-collar worker, breadwinner, chattel, dirty neck, doormat, drudge, employee, floater, flunky, hack, hand, hard hat, help, helper, hireling, instrument, laborer, lackey, learner, operative, peon, prentice, proletariat, robot, roustabout, serf, slave, stooge, toiler, unskilled worker, work force, worker, workhouse, working people, working stiff, workmen Concept: business person Entry: lead Function: verb Definition: guide Synonyms: accompany, attend, chaperone, coerce, compel, conduct, convey, convoy, direct, drive, escort, force, get, guard, impel, induce, manage, pass along, persuade, pilot, point out, precede, prevail, protect, route, safeguard, see, shepherd, show, show around, show in, span, squire, steer, traverse, usher, watch over Concept: guidance Entry: legion Function: noun Definition: mass Synonyms: army, body, brigade, cloud, company, division, drove, flock, force, group, horde, host, multitude, myriad, number, phalanx, rout, scores, throng, troop Concept: group entity Entry: make Function: verb Definition: induce Synonyms: begin, bring about, butt in, cause, coerce, compel, concuss, constrain, dragoon, drive, effect, force, horn in, impel, initiate, interfere, meddle, oblige, press, pressurize, prevail upon, require, secure, shotgun, start, tamper Concept: starting Entry: meaning Function: noun Definition: signification Synonyms: acceptation, allusion, bearing, bottom line, connotation, content, context, Definition, denotation, drift, effect, essence, explanation, force, gist, heart, hint, implication, import, interpretation, intimation, meat, message, nitty-gritty, nuance, pith, point, purport, sense, significance, spirit, stuff, subject, subject matter, substance, suggestion, symbolization, tenor, thrust, understanding, upshot, use, value, worth Concept: meaningfulness Entry: mettle Function: noun Definition: boldness Synonyms: animation, ardor, backbone, bravery, caliber, courage, daring, dauntlessness, disposition, energy, fire, force, fortitude, gallantry, gameness, grit, guts, hardihood, heart, indomitability, kidney, life, make-up, moxie, nature, nerve, pluck, quality, resolution, resolve, spirit, spunk, stamina, stamp, starch, strength, temper, temperament, valor, vigor, vitality Concept: bravery Entry: might Function: noun Definition: strength Synonyms: ability, adequacy, arm, authority, beef, capability, capacity, clout, command, competence, control, domination, efficacy, efficiency, energy, force, forcefulness, forcibleness, jurisdiction, lustiness, mastery, moxie, muscle, potency, power, powerfulness, powerhouse, prowess, puissance, punch, qualification, qualifiedness, sinew, sock, steam, strength, strenuousness, strings, strong arm, sway, the stuff, valor, vigor, vigorousness, zap Concept: strength Entry: military Function: noun Definition: armed force Synonyms: army, force, service, servicemen, soldiery, troop Concept: military entity Entry: momentum Function: noun Definition: impetus Synonyms: drive, energy, force, impulse, power, propulsion, push, strength, thrust Concept: energy entity Entry: muscle Function: noun Definition: power Synonyms: arm, beef, brawn, clout, energy, force, forcefulness, influence, might, potency, sinew, stamina, strength, strong arm, sturdiness, weight Concept: importance Entry: necessitate Function: verb Definition: call for Synonyms: ask, behoove, cause, coerce, command, compel, constrain, crave, demand, drive, entail, force, impel, make, make necessary, oblige, postulate, require, take Concept: demand Entry: nerve Function: noun Definition: daring Synonyms: assumption, assurance, audacity, backbone, balls, boldness, brass, bravery, brazenness, cheek, chutzpah, confidence, coolness, courage, crust, determination, effrontery, endurance, energy, face, fearlessness, firmness, force, fortitude, gall, gameness, grit, guts, hardihood, hardiness, heart, impertinence, impudence, insolence, intestinal fortitude, intrepidity, mettle, might, moxie, pluck, presumption, resolution, sauce, spirit, spunk, starch, steadfastness, stomach, temerity, vigor, will Concept: bravery Entry: obligate Function: verb Definition: require Synonyms: astrict, bind, constrain, force, indebt, make indebted, oblige, restrain, restrict Concept: responsibility Entry: oblige Function: verb Definition: require Synonyms: bind, coerce, command, compel, concuss, constrain, force, impel, make, necessitate, obligate, shotgun Concept: requirement Entry: operation Function: noun Definition: working Synonyms: act, action, activity, affair, agency, application, ball game, bit, carrying on, conveyance, course, deal, deed, doing, effect, effort, employment, engagement, enterprise, exercise, exercising, exertion, exploitation, force, handiwork, happening, influence, instrumentality, labor, manipulation, motion, movement, performance, play, procedure, proceeding, process, progress, progression, scene, service, transaction, transference, trip, undertaking, use, work, workmanship Concept: usefulness Entry: operative Function: adjective Definition: active Synonyms: accessible, alive, crucial, current, dynamic, effective, efficient, employable, Functional, Functioning, important, in force, in operation, indicative, influential, key, live, open, operational, practicable, relevant, running, serviceable, significant, standing, usable, workable, working Concept: usefulness Entry: oppress Function: verb Definition: subdue Synonyms: abuse, afflict, aggrieve, annoy, beat down, bug, burden, crush, depress, despotize, dishearten, dispirit, distress, encumber, force, handicap, harass, harry, hound, keep down, maltreat, outrage, overcome, overload, overpower, overthrow, overwhelm, persecute, pick on, plaque, press, prey on, put down, put upon, ride, rule, sadden, saddle, smother, strain, subjugate, suppress, tax, torment, torture, trample, trouble, tyrannize, vex, worry, wrong Concept: prevention/restriction Entry: oppression Function: noun Definition: hardship Synonyms: abuse, abusiveness, autocracy, brutality, calamity, coercion, compulsion, conquering, control, cruelty, despotism, dictatorship, domination, fascism, force, forcibleness, hardness, harshness, injury, injustice, iron hand, maltreatment, martial law, misery, overthrowing, persecution, severity, subduing, subjection, suffering, torment, tyranny Concept: situation (bad) Entry: oust Function: verb Definition: expel Synonyms: adios, ax, banish, bereave, boot out, bounce, bundle off, can, cast out, chase, depose, deprive, dethrone, discharge, disinherit, dislodge, displace, dispossess, divest, drive out, eject, evict, expulse, fire, force out, kick out, lay off, let go, lose, ostracize, pack off, pink slip, relegate, remove, rid, rob, sack, send packing, throw out, topple, transport, turn out, unseat Concept: exclusion Entry: outrage Function: verb Definition: offend Synonyms: abuse, affront, aggrieve, boil over, burn up, defile, deflower, desecrate, fire up, force, ill-treat, incense, infuriate, injure, insult, jar, madden, maltreat, mistreat, misuse, oppress, persecute, raise cain, raise hell, rape, ravage, ravish, scandalize, shock, spoil, violate, whip up, wrong Concept: anger Entry: party Function: noun Definition: group Synonyms: assembly, band, bevy, body, bunch, cluster, company, corps, covey, crew, crowd, detachment, force, gang, gathering, mob, multitude, outfit, squad, team, troop, troupe, unit Concept: group entity Entry: penetrate Function: verb Definition: pierce Synonyms: access, barge in, bayonet, blow in, bore, break in, breeze in, bust in, charge, come, crack, diffuse, drill, drive, eat through, encroach, enter, filter in, force, get in, go through, gore, impale, infiltrate, ingress, insert, insinuate, introduce, invade, jab, knife, pass through, percolate, perforate, permeate, pervade, pop in, prick, probe, puncture, ream, run into, saturate, seep, sink into, spear, stab, stick into, suffuse, thrust, trespass Concept: digging/stabbing Entry: personnel Function: noun Definition: employees Synonyms: cadre, corps, crew, faculty, group, helpers, human resources, members, office, organization, people, shop, staff, troop, troops, work force, workers Concept: business person Entry: persuasion Function: noun Definition: influencing Synonyms: alignment, alluring, art-twist, blandishment, brainwash, brainwashing, cajolery, cogency, con, conversion, enticement, exhortation, force, goose, hard sell, hook, inducement, inveiglement, juice, persuasiveness, potency, power, promote, pull, seduction, sell, snow job, soft soap, squeeze, sweet talk, wheedling, winning over, working over Concept: persuasion Entry: pick Function: verb Definition: break open Synonyms: crack, dent, force, hit, indent, jimmy, open, pry, strike Concept: lawlessness Entry: point Function: noun Definition: meaning Synonyms: argument, bottom line, burden, core, crux, drift, essence, force, gist, head, heart, idea, import, kicker, main idea, marrow, matter, meat, motif, motive, nitty-gritty, nub, pith, pointer, proposition, punch line, question, score, stuff, subject, subject matter, text, theme, thrust, tip, tip-off, topic Concept: meaningfulness Entry: police Function: noun Definition: lawman Synonyms: badge, bear, blue, bluecoat, bobby, boy scout, bull, constable, constabulary, cop, copper, corps, county mounty, detective, fed, flatfoot, force, fuzz, gendarme, gumshoe, heat, law, law enforcement, man, narc, officers, oink, patrolman, pig, police Concept: law entity Entry: potency Function: noun Definition: effectiveness Synonyms: authority, birr, capability, capacity, command, control, dominion, efficacy, efficiency, energy, force, go, hardihood, influence, juice, kick, might, moxie, muscle, pep, potential, power, puissance, punch, sinew, snap, sock, steam, strength, sway, vigor, virility, virtue, zap, zing, zip Concept: strength Entry: power Function: noun Definition: capacity Synonyms: applied force, arm, beef, brawn, dynamism, energy, force, forcefulness, horsepower, intensity, mechanical energy, might, muscle, omnipotence, potency, potential, powder, puissance, sinew, stream, strength, vigor, vim, virtue, voltage, weight Concept: strength Entry: press Function: verb Definition: push on Synonyms: bear down, bear heavily, bulldoze, calender, clasp, compress, condense, constrain, crowd, crush, cumber, depress, embrace, enfold, express, finish, flatten, force down, hold, hug, impel, iron, jam, level, mangle, mash, mass, move, pack, pile, pin down, ram, reduce, scrunch, shove, smooth, squash, squeeze, squish, steam, stuff, thrust, unwrinkle, weigh Concept: pushing Entry: press Function: verb Definition: trouble Synonyms: afflict, assail, beg, beset, besiege, buttonhole, come at, compel, constrain, demand, depress, disquiet, enjoin, entreat, exhort, force, harass, implore, importune, insist on, lean on, oppress, petition, plague, plead, pressure, pressurize, push, railroad, sadden, sell, squeeze, sue, supplicate, torment, urge, vex, weigh down, work on, worry Concept: bother/trouble action Entry: pressure Function: noun Definition: difficulty Synonyms: adversity, affliction, albatross, burden, choke, clout, coercion, compulsion, confinement, constraint, crunch, demand, discipline, distress, drag, duress, exigency, force, hardship, hassle, heat, hurry, influence, inside track, juice, load, misfortune, necessity, obligation, persuasion, power, press, pressure cooker, pull, requirement, ropes, strain, stress, string, sway, tension, trouble, unnaturalness, urgency, weight Concept: difficulty Entry: propel Function: verb Definition: throw Synonyms: actuate, drive, force, impel, launch, mobilize, move, press, push, release, send, set going, shoot, shove, start, thrust Concept: throwing Entry: pump Function: verb Definition: push out Synonyms: bail out, blow up, dilate, distend, draft, drain, draw, draw off, drive, drive out, elevate, empty, force, force out, inflate, inject, pour, push, send, siphon, supply, swell, tap Concept: discharging Entry: punch Function: noun Definition: energy Synonyms: bite, cogency, drive, effectiveness, force, forcefulness, impact, point, validity, validness, verve, vigor Concept: enthusiasm Entry: push Function: verb Definition: thrust Synonyms: accelerate, bear down, budge, bulldoze, bump, butt, crowd, crush against, depress, dig, drive, elbow, exert, force, gore, high pressure, hustle, impel, jam, jostle, launch, lie on, move, muscle, nudge, poke, pressure, propel, railroad, ram, rest on, shift, shoulder, shove, squash, squeeze, squish, steamroll, stir, strain, strong-arm Concept: pushing Entry: put Function: verb Definition: commit Synonyms: assign, condemn, consign, constrain, doom, employ, enjoin, force, impose, induce, inflict, levy, make, oblige, require, set, subject, subject to Concept: authorization Entry: rack Function: verb Definition: torture Synonyms: afflict, agonize, crucify, distress, excruciate, force, harass, harrow, martyr, oppress, pain, persecute, pull, shake, strain, stress, stretch, tear, torment, try, wrench, wring Concept: injury/pain Entry: ram Function: verb Definition: bang into Synonyms: beat, butt, collide with, cram, crash, crowd, dash, dig, drive, drum, force, hammer, hit, hook, impact, jack, jam-pack, pack, plunge, poke, pound, run, run into, sink, slam, smash, stab, stick, strike, strike head-on, stuff, tamp, thrust, wedge Concept: hitting Entry: rape Function: verb Definition: assault Synonyms: abuse, attack, bang, betray, compromise, corrupt, debauch, deceive, defile, deflorate, deflower, despoil, devirginate, dishonor, entice, force, loot, lure, maltreat, mislead, molest, outrage, pillage, plunder, ransack, ravish, ruin, sack, seduce, seize, shame, short-arm heist, spoliate, tempt, violate, wrong Concept: lawlessness Entry: ravish Function: verb Definition: assault Synonyms: abduct, abuse, carry off, defile, deflorate, deflower, force, outrage, rape, seduce, shanghai, spoil, violate Concept: lawlessness Entry: reduce Function: verb Definition: defeat Synonyms: bear down, beat down, break, bring, conquer, cripple, crush, disable, drive, enfeeble, force, master, overcome, overpower, ruin, subdue, subjugate, undermine, vanquish, weaken Concept: defeating Entry: repel Function: verb Definition: push away Synonyms: beat back, beat off, brush off, buck, cast aside, chase away, check, cold shoulder, confront, cool, cut, decline, dismiss, disown, dispute, drive away, drive back, drive off, duel, fend off, fight, force back, force off, high hat, hold back, hold off, keep off, kick, knock down, no go, nothing doing, oppose, parry, push back, put down, rebuff, rebut, refuse, reject, repulse, resist, stave off, traverse, turn down, ward off, withstand Concept: pushing Entry: screw Function: verb Definition: pressure Synonyms: bilk, bleed, cheat, chisel, coerce, constrain, defraud, do, exact, extort, extract, force, gyp, oppress, pinch, pressurize, ream, shake down, squeeze, wrench, wrest, wring Concept: lawlessness Entry: seize Function: verb Definition: abduct Synonyms: ambush, annex, apprehend, appropriate, arrest, arrogate, bag, bust, capture, carry off, catch, claw, clutch, commandeer, confiscate, conquer, dognap, exact, force, gain, get, grab, grasp, hijack, hook, impound, incorporate, kidnap, lift, nab, nail, occupy, overcome, overpower, overrun, overwhelm, pick up, pounce, secure, shanghai, snag, snare, spirit away, subdue, take, take captive, take over, throttle, trap, usurp, wrench Concept: capturing Entry: significance Function: noun Definition: meaning Synonyms: acceptation, bottom line, connotation, drift, force, heart, implication, import, intendment, kicker, meat, message, nitty-gritty, nub, point, punch line, purport, score, sense, significancy, signification, stuff, understanding Concept: meaningfulness Entry: sink Function: verb Definition: go under Synonyms: bore, bring down, capsize, cast down, cave in, couch, decline, demit, depress, descend, dig, dip, disappear, drill, drive, droop, drop, drown, ebb, engulf, excavate, fall, fall in, flounder, force down, founder, go down, immerse, lay, let down, lower, overturn, overwhelm, plummet, plunge, put down, ram, regress, run, sag, scuttle, set, settle, shipwreck, slope, slump, stab, stick, stoop, submerge, subside, swamp, thrust, tip over, touch bottom, wreck Concept: descent Entry: spirit Function: noun Definition: attitude Synonyms: air, animation, ardor, backbone, balls, boldness, breath, character, complexion, courage, dauntlessness, disposition, earnestness, energy, enterprise, enthusiasm, essence, fire, force, gameness, grit, guts, heart, humor, jazz, life, life force, liveliness, mettle, mood, morale, motivation, nerve, oomph, outlook, psyche, quality, resolution, resolve, soul, sparkle, spunk, stoutheartedness, substance, temper, temperament, tenor, vigor, vital spark, vitality, warmth, will, willpower, zest Concept: enthusiasm Entry: squad Function: noun Definition: team Synonyms: band, battalion, company, crew, division, force, gang, group, regiment, squadron, troop Concept: group entity Entry: squeeze Function: verb Definition: press Synonyms: bear, choke, clasp, clip, clutch, compress, contract, cram, crowd, crush, cuddle, embrace, enfold, force, grip, hold tight, hug, jam, jostle, nip, pack, pinch, press, quash, ram, scrunch, squash, squish, strangle, stuff, throttle, thrust, wedge, wring Concept: squeezing Entry: squeeze Function: noun Definition: pressure Synonyms: clasp, clutch, congestion, crowd, crunch, crush, crushing, embrace, force, handclasp, hold, hug, influence, jam, press, restraint, squash Concept: squeezing Entry: staff Function: noun Definition: employees Synonyms: agents, assistants, cadre, cast, crew, deputies, faculty, force, help, officers, operatives, organization, peons, personnel, savages, servants, shop, slaves, teachers, team, work force, workers Concept: business person Entry: stalwart Function: adjective Definition: strong Synonyms: athletic, beefy, bold, bound, brave, brawny, brick wall, courageous, daring, dauntless, dependable, fearless, force, gritty, gutsy, gutty, hang touch, hefty, husky, indomitable, intrepid, juice, lusty, manly, muscular, nervy, powerhouse, redoubtable, robust, rugged, sinewy, solid, spunky, staunch, steamroller, stonewall, stout, stouthearted, strapping, sturdy, substantial, tenacious, tough, unafraid, undaunted, valiant, valorous, vigorous Concept: strength Entry: stamina Function: noun Definition: strength Synonyms: backbone, cool, endurance, energy, force, fortitude, grit, guts, gutsiness, hang tough, heart, indefatigability, intestinal fortitude, legs, lustiness, moxie, power, resilience, resistance, starch, staying power, tolerance, vigor, vim, vitality, zip Concept: strength Entry: steam Function: noun Definition: energy Synonyms: beef, force, might, muscle, potency, power, puissance, sinew, strength, vigor, vim Concept: energy entity Entry: strain Function: noun Definition: pain Synonyms: ache, anxiety, bruise, brunt, burden, constriction, effort, endeavor, exertion, force, injury, jerk, pressure, pull, sprain, stress, stretch, struggle, tautness, tension, tensity, twist, wrench Concept: injury/pain Entry: strength Function: noun Definition: stamina Synonyms: backbone, beef, body, brawn, brawniness, brute force, clout, courage, durability, energy, firmness, force, fortitude, hardiness, health, healthiness, juice, kick, lustiness, mana, might, muscle, nerve, physique, pith, potency, pow, power, powerhouse, robustness, security, sinew, sock, soundness, stability, stableness, stalwartness, steadiness, steamroller, stoutness, strong arm, sturdiness, substance, tenacity, thews, toughness, verdure, vigor, vim, virility, vitality, zip Concept: strength Entry: strength Function: noun Definition: intensity Synonyms: beef, clout, cogency, concentration, depth, effectiveness, efficacy, energy, extremity, fervor, force, juice, kick, potency, pow, power, resolution, sock, spirit, vehemence, vigor, virtue Concept: intensity Entry: stress Function: noun Definition: emphasis Synonyms: accent, accentuation, beat, force, import, importance, significance, urgency, weight Concept: importance Entry: stress Function: noun Definition: pressure Synonyms: affliction, agony, alarm, albatross, anxiety, apprehensiveness, burden, clutch, crunch, disquiet, disquietude, distention, draw, dread, expectancy, extension, fear, fearfulness, ferment, flutter, force, hardship, hassle, heat, impatience, intensity, misgiving, mistrust, nervous tension, nervousness, oppression, overextension, passion, protraction, pull, restlessness, spring, strain, stretch, tautness, tenseness, tension, tensity, tightness, traction, trauma, trepidation, trial, urgency, worry Concept: situation (bad) Entry: strike Function: verb Definition: hit hard Synonyms: bang, bash, bean, beat, boff, bonk, box, buffet, bump into, chastise, clash, clip, clobber, clout, collide, conk, crash, cuff, ding, drive, force, hammer, impel, knock, nail, percuss, plant, pop, pound, pummel, punch, punish, run into, slap, slug, smack, smash into, sock, swat, thrust, thump, touch, wallop, whop Concept: hitting Entry: stuff Function: verb Definition: load with Synonyms: choke up, clog up, compress, congest, cram, crowd, fill, force, glut, gobble, gorge, gormandize, guzzle, jam, jam-pack, overfill, overindulge, overstuff, pack, pad, push, ram, sate, satiate, shove, squeeze, stow, wad, wedge Concept: addition Entry: subjugate Function: verb Definition: overpower Synonyms: bear down, beat down, box in, coerce, compel, conquer, crush, defeat, enslave, enthrall, force, henpeck, hold sway, kick around, master, overcome, overthrow, put down, quell, reduce, rule, rule over, subdue, suppress, tame, triumph, vanquish Concept: defeating Entry: substance Function: noun Definition: entity Synonyms: actuality, animal, being, body, bulk, chunk, concreteness, core, corpus, element, fabric, force, gob, hunk, individual, item, mass, material, matter, object, person, phenomenon, reality, something, staple, stuff, texture, thing Concept: substance Entry: supplant Function: verb Definition: displace Synonyms: back up, bounce, cast out, crowd, cut out, eject, expel, fill in, force, force out, front for, oust, outplace, overthrow, remove, replace, ring, ring in, sit in, stand in, sub for, succeed, supersede, take out, take over, transfer, undermine, unseat, usurp Concept: replacement Entry: tell Function: verb Definition: carry weight Synonyms: count, have effect, have force, militate, register, take effect, weigh Concept: importance Entry: tension Function: noun Definition: tightness Synonyms: astriction, balance, constriction, force, pressure, rigidity, stiffness, strain, straining, stress, stretching, tautness, tenseness, tensity Concept: texture (hard) Entry: throw Function: verb Definition: propel Synonyms: bandy, barrage, bombard, buck, bunt, butt, cant, cast, catapult, chuck, dash, deliver, ding, ding off, discharge, dislodge, drive, fell, fire, flick, fling, fling off, flip, floor, force, heave, hurl, impel, lapidate, launch, let fly, let go, lift, lob, overturn, overwhelm, peg, pellet, pelt, pepper, pitch, precipitate, project, push, put, scatter, send, shove, shower, shy, sling, splatter, spray, sprinkle, start, stone, strew, thrust, toss, tumble, unhorse, unseat, upset, volley, waft Concept: throwing Entry: thrust Function: verb Definition: push Synonyms: advance, assail, assault, attack, bear down, boost, buck, bulldoze, butt, chuck, chunk, clip, clout, crowd, cut, dig, drive, elbow, embed, fire, force, heave, hump, impale, impel, interject, jab, jam, jostle, lob, lunge, nick, nudge, peg, pierce, pitch, plunge, poke, press, prod, propel, punch, push forward, put, railroad, ram, run, shoulder, shove, sink, sling, smack, stab, stick, toss, transfix, urge, wallop, whack, wham, zing Concept: pushing 187 entries found for force. Entry: tone Function: noun Definition: pitch Synonyms: accent, emphasis, force, inflection, intonation, modulation, resonance, strength, stress, timbre, tonality, volume Concept: sound Entry: urge Function: verb Definition: beg Synonyms: adjure, advance, advise, advocate, appeal to, ask, attract, beseech, champion, charge, commend, compel, conjure, counsel, countenance, drive, egg on, encourage, endorse, entreat, exhort, favor, fire up, force, further, goad, hasten, impel, implore, incite, induce, influence, insist on, inspire, instigate, maneuver, move, plead, press, promote, prompt, propel, propose, push, push for, rationalize, recommend, request, sanction, solicit, speak for, spur, stimulate, support, tempt, wheedle Concept: persuasion Entry: valid Function: adjective Definition: genuine Synonyms: accurate, attested, authentic, authoritative, binding, bona fide, cogent, compelling, conclusive, confirmed, convincing, credible, determinative, efficacious, efficient, good, in force, irrefutable, just, kosher, lawful, legal, legit, legitimate, logical, official, original, persuasive, potent, powerful, proven, pure, right, solid, sound, stringent, strong, substantial, telling, tested, true, trustworthy, ultimate, unadulterated, unanswerable, uncorrupted, weighty, well-founded, well-grounded Concept: truth Entry: validity Function: noun Definition: genuineness Synonyms: authority, cogency, effectiveness, efficacy, force, foundation, gravity, grounds, lawfulness, legality, legitimacy, persuasiveness, point, potency, power, punch, right, soundness, strength, substance, validness, weight Concept: truth Entry: value Function: noun Definition: advantage Synonyms: account, bearing, benefit, caliber, condition, connotation, consequence, content, denotation, desirability, distinction, drift, eminence, esteem, estimation, excellence, finish, force, goodness, grade, help, implication, import, importance, interpretation, mark, marketability, meaning, merit, power, preference, profit, purpose, quality, regard, repute, sense, serviceableness, significance, state, stature, substance, superiority, use, usefulness, utility, valuation, worth Concept: importance Entry: vigor Function: noun Definition: energy Synonyms: ability, action, activity, agility, alertness, bang, beef, birr, bounce, capability, capacity, dash, drive, dynamism, endurance, enterprise, exercise, fire, force, get-up-and-go, go, hardiness, healthiness, intensity, juice, kick, liveliness, lustiness, manliness, might, motion, moxie, muscle, nimbleness, pep, pith, potency, power, puissance, punch, push, quickness, snap, sock, soundness, starch, steam, strength, tuck, urgency, vehemence, vim, vitality, well-being, zing, zip Concept: enthusiasm Entry: violate Function: verb Definition: defile Synonyms: abuse, assault, befoul, debauch, defile, deflorate, deflower, desecrate, dishonor, force, invade, outrage, pollute, profane, rape, ravish, spoil Concept: lawlessness Entry: violence Function: noun Definition: attack Synonyms: abandon, acuteness, assault, attack, bestiality, bloodshed, blowup, brutality, brute force, clash, coercion, compulsion, confusion, constraint, cruelty, destructiveness, disorder, disturbance, duress, ferocity, fervor, fierceness, fighting, flap, foul play, frenzy, fury, fuss, harshness, murderousness, onslaught, passion, power, raging, rampage, roughness, ruckus, rumble, savagery, severity, sharpness, storm, storminess, struggle, terrorism, tumult, turbulence, uproar, vehemence, wildness Concept: attacking Entry: violent Function: adjective Definition: severe Synonyms: acute, agonizing, biting, blustery, coercive, concentrated, devastating, excruciating, exquisite, extreme, forceful, forcible, gale force, great, harsh, immoderate, inordinate, intense, mighty, outrageous, painful, potent, powerful, raging, rough, ruinous, sharp, strong, tempestuous, terrible, tumultuous, turbulent, wild Concept: intensity Entry: visit Function: verb Definition: bother Synonyms: afflict, assail, attack, avenge, befall, descend upon, force upon, haunt, impose, inflict, pain, punish, smite, trouble, wreak, wreck Concept: bother/trouble action Entry: vitality Function: noun Definition: energy Synonyms: animation, ardor, audacity, bang, being, bloom, bounce, clout, continuity, drive, endurance, existence, exuberance, fervor, force, get-up-and-go, go, guts, intensity, life, liveliness, lustiness, pep, pizzazz, power, pulse, punch, robustness, snap, sparkle, spirit, spunk, stamina, starch, steam, strength, stuff, venturesomeness, verve, vigor, vim, virility, vivaciousness, vivacity, zing, zip Concept: enthusiasm Entry: willpower Function: noun Definition: determination Synonyms: discipline, drive, firmness, fixity, force, grit, resolution, resolve, self-control, self-discipline, self-government, self-restraint, single-mindedness, strength, will Concept: belief/theory Entry: work Function: verb Definition: manipulate Synonyms: accomplish, achieve, act, behave, bring about, carry out, cause, contrive, control, create, direct, drive, effect, execute, force, Function, go, handle, implement, manage, maneuver, move, operate, perform, ply, progress, react, run, serve, take, tick, use, wield Concept: controlling Entry: working Function: adjective Definition: active Synonyms: alive, busy, dynamic, effective, employed, engaged, Functioning, going, hot, in force, in gear, in process, laboring, live, moving, occupied, on fire, on track, operative, practical, running, useful, viable Concept: usefulness Entry: wreak Function: verb Definition: force Synonyms: bring about, carry out, cause, create, effect, execute, exercise, force upon, inflict, unleash, vent, visit, work, wreck Concept: creating Entry: wrench Function: verb Definition: jerk Synonyms: bend, coerce, compel, contort, dislocate, dislodge, distort, drag, exact, extract, force, pervert, pinch, pull, rend, rip, screw, sprain, squeeze, strain, tear, tug, tweak, twist, wrest, wring, yank Concept: pulling Entry: wring Function: verb Definition: twist Synonyms: choke, coerce, compress, contort, draw out, exact, extort, extract, force, gouge, hurt, pain, pinch, pry, push, screw, shake down, squeeze, strain, strangle, throttle, turn, wrench, wrest Concept: squeezing