change An alteration; in pathology, structural alteration of which the cause and significance is uncertain. Synonym: shift. v. change1. To become different or undergo alteration: He changed as he matured. 2. To undergo transformation or transition: The music changed to a slow waltz. 3. To go from one phase to another, as the moon or the seasons. 4. To make an exchange : If you prefer this seat, I'll change with you. 5. To transfer from one conveyance to another: She change d in Chicago on her way to the coast. 6. To put on other clothing: We change d for dinner. 7. To become deeper in tone: His voice began to change at age 13. d, changáing, changáes v. tr. 1. a. To cause to be different: change the spelling of a word. b. To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform: change d the yard into a garden. 2. To give and receive reciprocally; interchange : change places. 3. To exchange for or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category: change one's name; a light that change s colors. 4. a. To lay aside, abandon, or leave for another; switch: change methods; change sides. b. To transfer from (one conveyance) to another: change planes. 5. To give or receive the equivalent of (money) in lower denominations or in foreign currency. 6. To put a fresh covering on: change a bed; change the baby. n. 1. The act, process, or result of altering or modifying: a change in facial expression. 2. The replacing of one thing for another; substitution: a change of atmosphere; a change of ownership. 3. A transformation or transition from one state, condition, or phase to another: the change of seasons. 4. Something different; variety: ate early for a change . 5. A different or fresh set of clothing. 6. a. Money of smaller denomination given or received in exchange for money of higher denomination. b. The balance of money returned when an amount given is more than what is due. c. Coins: had change jingling in his pocket. 7. Music. a. A pattern or order in which bells are rung . b. In jazz , a change of harmony; a modulation. 8. A market or exchange where business is transacted. Phrasal Verb: change off 1. To alternate with another person in performing a task. 2. To perform two tasks at once by alternating or a single task by alternate means. Idioms: change hands To pass from one owner to another. change (one's) mind To reverse a previously held opinion or an earlier decision. change (one's) tune To alter one's approach backor attitude. [Middle English change n, from Norman French chaunger, from Latin cambire, cambre, to exchange , probably of Celtic origin.] [Download or Buy Now] Source: The American Heritage¨ Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.change \change \, v. t. [imp. & p. p. change d; p. pr. & vb. n. Changing.] [F. change r, fr. LL. cambiare, to exchange , barter, L. cambire. Cf. Cambial.] 1. To alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another; as, to change the position, character, or appearance of a thing; to change the countenance. Therefore will I change their glory into shame. --Hosea. iv. 7. 2. To alter by substituting something else for, or by giving up for something else; as, to change the clothes; to change one's occupation; to change one's intention. They that do change old love for new , Pray gods, they change for worse! --Peele. 3. To give and take reciprocally; to exchange ; -- followed by with; as, to change place, or hats, or money, with another. Look upon those thousands with whom thou wouldst not, for any interest, change thy fortune and condition. --Jer. Taylor. 4. Specifically: To give, or receive, smaller denominations of money (technically called change ) for; as, to change a gold coin or a bank bill. He pulled out a thirty-pound note and bid me change it. --Goldsmith. To change a horse, or To change hand (Man.), to turn or bear the horse's head from one hand to the other, from the left to right, or from the right to the left. To change hands, to change owners. To change one's tune, to become less confident or boastful. [Colloq.] To change step , to take a break in the regular succession of steps , in marching or walking, as by bringing the hollow of one foot against the heel of the other, and then stepping off with the foot which is in advance. Syn: To alter; vary; deviate; substitute; innovate; diversify; shift; veer; turn. See Alter. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. change \change \, v. i. 1. To be altered; to undergo variation; as, men sometimes change for the better. For I am Lord, I change not. --Mal. iii. 6. 2. To pass from one phase to another; as, the moon change s to-morrow night. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. change \change \, n. [F. change , fr. change r. See change . v. t.] 1. Any variation or alteration; a passing from one state or form to another; as, a change of countenance; a change of habits or principles. Apprehensions of a change of dynasty. --Hallam. All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come . --Job xiv. 14. 2. A succesion or substitution of one thing in the place of another; a difference; novelty; variety; as, a change of seasons. Our fathers did for change to France repair. --Dryden. The ringing grooves of change . --Tennyson. 3. A passing from one phase to another; as, a change of the moon. 4. Alteration in the order of a series; permutation. 5. That which makes a variety, or may be substituted for another. Thirty change (R.V. change s) of garments. --Judg. xiv. 12. 6. Small money; the money by means of which the larger coins and bank bills are made available in small dealings; hence, the balance returned when payment is tendered by a coin or note exceeding the sum due. 7. [See Exchange .] A place where merchants and others meet to transact business; a building appropriated for mercantile transactions. [Colloq. for Exchange .] 8. A public house; an alehouse. [Scot.] They call an alehouse a change . --Burt. 9. (Mus.) Any order in which a number of bells are struck, other than that of the diatonic scale. Four bells admit twenty-four change s in ringing. --Holder. change of life, the period in the life of a woman when menstruation and the capacity for conception cease, usually occurring between forty-five and fifty years of age. change ringing, the continual production, without repetition , of change s on bells, See def. 9. above. change wheel (Mech.), one of a set of wheels of different sizes and number of teeth, that may be change d or substituted one for another in machinery, to produce a different but definite rate of angular velocity in an axis, as in cutting screws, gear, etc. To ring the change s on, to present the same facts or arguments in variety of ways. Syn: Variety; variation; alteration; mutation; transition; vicissitude; innovation; novelty; transmutation; revolution; reverse . Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. change n 1: an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another: "the change was intended to increase sales"; "this storm is certainly a change for the worse" [syn: alteration, modification] 2: a relational difference between states; especially between states before and after some event: "he attributed the change to their marriage" 3: the act of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election" 4: the result of alteration or modification; "there were marked change s in the lining of the lungs"; "there had been no change in the mountains" 5: the balance of money received when the amount you tender is greater than the amount due; "I paid with a twenty and pocketed the change " 6: a thing that is different; "he inspected several change s before selecting one" 7: a different or fresh set of clothes; "she brought a change in her overnight bag" 8: coins of small denomination regarded collectively; "he had a pocketful of change " 9: money received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or a different currency; "he got change for a twenty and used it to pay the taxi driver" 10: a difference that is usually pleasant; "he goes to France for variety"; "it is a refreshing change to meet a woman mechanic" [syn: variety] v 1: cause to change ; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has change d my thinking about the issue" [syn: alter] [ant: leave] 2: undergo a change ; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature; "She change d completely as she grew older"; "The weather change d last night" [ant: stay, leave] 3: make or become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence; "her mood change s in accordance with the weather"; "Prices vary according to the season" [syn: alter, vary] 4: lay aside, abandon, or leave for another; "switch to a different brand of beer"; "She switched psychiatrists"; "The car change d lanes" [syn: switch, shift] 5: change clothes; put on different clothes; "change before you go to the opera" 6: exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category; "Could you convert my dollars into pounds?" "He change d his name" [syn: exchange , commute, convert] 7: give to, and receive from, one another; "Would you change places with me?" "We have been exchanging letters for a year" [syn: exchange , interchange ] 8: change from one vehicle or transportation line to another; "She change d in Chicago on her way to the East coast" [syn: transfer] 9: become deeper in tone; "His voice began to change when he was 12 years old" [syn: deepen] 10: remove or replace the coverings of; "Father had to learn how to change the baby"; "After each guest we change d the bed linens" Source: WordNet ¨ 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University change change : in CancerWEB's On-line Medical Dictionary Source: On-line Medical Dictionary, © 1997-98 Academic Medical Publishing & CancerWEB Entry: change Function: verb Definition:: differ Synonyms: accommodate, adapt, adjust, alter, alternate, commute, convert, diminish, diverge, diversify, evolve, fluctuate, make innovations, make over, merge, metamorphose, moderate, modify, modulate, mutate, naturalize, recondition, redo, reduce, reform, regenerate, remake, remodel, renovate, reorganize, replace, resolve, restyle, revolutionize, shape, shift, substitute, tamper with, temper, transfigure, transform, translate, transmute, transpose, turn, vacillate, vary, veer, warp Antonyms: continue, hold, remain, stay Concept: changing Entry: change Function: verb Definition:: substitute Synonyms: alternate, barter , convert, displace, exchange , interchange , invert, remove, replace, reverse, shift, supplant, swap, switch around, trade, transmit, transpose Antonyms: leave Concept: replacement Entry: change Function: noun Definition:: alteration Synonyms: about-face, addition, adjustment, advance, break, compression, contraction, conversion, correction, development, difference, distortion, diversification, diversity, enlargement, innovation, metamorphosis, modification, modulation, mutation, novelty, permutation, reconstruction, refinement, remodeling, reversal, revision, revolution, shift, surrogate, switch, tempering, transformation, transition, transmutation, turn, turnover, variance, variation, variety, vicissitude Antonyms: uniformity Concept: changing Entry: change Function: noun Definition:: replacement Synonyms: conversion, exchange , flip-flop, interchange , swap, switch, trade, turnaround Concept: replacement Entry: change Function: noun Definition:: coins Synonyms: chicken feed, copper, nickels, pennies, pin money, pocket money, quarters, silver, spending money Concept: financial entity Entry: exchange Function: verb Definition:: trade Synonyms: alternate, bandy, bargain, barter, cash in, castle, change , change hands, commute, contact with, convert into, correspond, deal in, displace, flip-flop, hook up, horse trade, interchange , invert, link up, market, network, pass to, pay back, rearrange, reciprocate, replace, reverse, revise, seesaw, shift, shuffle, shuttle, substitute, swap, swap horses, switch, traffic, transact, transfer, transpose, truck Antonyms: hold, keep Concept: exchange Entry: exchange Function: noun Definition:: trade Synonyms: barter, castling, change , commerce, commutation, conversion, correspondence, deal, dealing, interchange , interdependence, interrelation, network, rearrangement, reciprocation, reciprocity, replacement, revision, shift, shuffle, shuffling, substitution, supplanting, supplantment, swap, switch, traffic, transaction, transfer, transposing, transposition, truck Concept: exchange Entry: interchange Function: noun Definition:: switch Synonyms: altering, alternation, barter, change , crossfire, exchange , intersection, junction, mesh, networking, reciprocation, shift, trade, transposition, variation, varying Concept: exchange Entry: adapt Function: verb Definition:: adjust Synonyms: acclimate, accommodate, accustom, alter, change , come around, comply, conform, familiarize, fashion, fit, habituate, harmonize, make, match, modify, prepare, qualify, readjust, reconcile, remodel, revise, shape, shape up, square, suit, tailor Antonyms: disarrange, dislocate, disorder, disturb, unfit Concept: changing positioning Entry: juggle Function: verb Definition:: shuffle Synonyms: alter, beguile, betray, bluff, change , conjure, delude, disguise, doctor, double-cross, falsify, fix, humbug, illude, maneuver, manipulate, mislead, misrepresent, modify, perform magic, prestidigitate, shuffle, take in, tamper with, trim Concept: sequence/order Entry: leverage Function: noun Definition:: influence Synonyms: advantage, ascendancy, authority, bargaining chip, break, clout, drag, edge, fix, grease, hold, juice, jump on, lift, loose change , power, pull, purchase, rank, ropes, suction, support, weight, wire Concept: importance Entry: lighten Function: verb Definition:: reduce Synonyms: allay, alleviate, ameliorate, assuage, attenuate, buoy, change , comfort, cut down, decrease, dilute, disburden, disencumber, ease, empty, eradicate, extenuate, facilitate, free, jettison, lessen, levitate, make less, make lighter, mitigate, mollify, pour out, put off, reduce, relieve, remove, shift, take, thin, throw out, unburden, unload, uplight, upraise Concept: decrease Entry: lobby Function: verb Definition:: influence Synonyms: advance, affect, alter, ballyhoo, bill, billboard, boost, build up, campaign for, change , drum, egg on, exert influence, further, hard sell, high pressure, hype, induce, influence, jawbone, modify, persuade, pitch, plug, politick, press, pressure, procure, promote, puff, pull strings, push, request, root for, sell, sell on, soft sell, soft-soap, solicit, solicit votes, splash, spot, sway, sweet-talk, thump, urge Concept: govt/political action Entry: meander Function: verb Definition:: wander Synonyms: change , drift, extravagate, gallivant, get sidetracked, peregrinate, ramble, range, recoil, roam, rove, snake, stray, stroll, traipse, turn, twine, twist, vagabond, wind, zigzag Concept: motion Entry: metamorphose Function: verb Definition:: convert Synonyms: age, alter, be reborn, change , commute, develop, diverge, mature, mutate, remake, remodel, reshape, ripen, transfigure, transform, translate, transmogrify, transmute, transubstantiate, vary Concept: growth Entry: metamorphosis Function: noun Definition:: conversion Synonyms: alteration, change , change over, evolution, mutation, rebirth, transfiguration, transfigurement, transformation, translation, transmogrification, transmutation, transubstantiation, variety Concept: growth Entry: modify Function: verb Definition:: alter Synonyms: adapt, adjust, become, change , convert, correct, customize, doctor, mutate, recast, redo, refashion, reform, remodel, reorganize, repair, reshape, revise, rework, shift gears, switch over, transfigure, transform, transmogrify, transmute, turn, tweak, vary Concept: changing Entry: motion Function: noun Definition:: movement Synonyms: act, action, advance, agitation, ambulation, body English, change , changing, direction, drift, dynamics, flow, fluctuation, flux, gesticulation, gesture, high sign, inclination, kinesics, locomotion, mobility, motility, move, oscillation, passage, passing, progress, sign, signal, stir, stirring, stream, sway, sweep, swing, tendency, travel, wave, wavering Concept: motion Entry: move Function: verb Definition:: go Synonyms: actuate, advance, blow, budge, bustle, carry, change , climb, crawl, cross, depart, dislocate, disturb, drift, drive, exit, flow, fly, get away, get going, get off, glide, go, go away, head for, hurry, impel, jump, leap, leave, locomote, march, migrate, off-load, position, proceed, progress, propel, pull out, push, quit, relocate, remove, roll, run, scram, shift, ship, shove, skip out, split, stir, switch, take off, transfer, transport, transpose, travel, traverse, walk, withdraw Concept: motion Entry: move Function: noun Definition:: progress Synonyms: act, action, alteration, change , deed, maneuver, measure, modification, motion, movement, ploy, procedure, proceeding, shift, step, stir, stirring, stratagem, stroke, turn, variation Concept: achievement Entry: movement Function: noun Definition:: motion Synonyms: act, action, activity, advance, agitation, alteration, change , changing, deed, development, displacement, dynamism, evolution, evolving, exercise, flight, flow, flux, gesture, journey, journeying, locomotion, maneuver, migration, mobility, motility, movableness, move, moving, operation, operativeness, passage, progress, progression, regression, shift, shifting, steps, stir, stirring, transfer, transit, translating, transplanting, undertaking, velocity, voyaging, wandering Concept: motion movement Function: noun Definition:: drive Synonyms: campaign, change , crusade, current, demonstration, displacement, drift, evolution, faction, flight, flow, front, group, grouping, march, mobilization, organization, party, patrol, shift, sweep, swing, tendency, transfer, transition, trend, unrest, withdrawal Concept: attempting Entry: mutation Function: noun Definition:: metamorphosis Synonyms: alteration, anomaly, change , deviant, deviation, evolution, innovation, modification, mutant, novelty, permutation, transfiguration, transformation, variation, vicissitude Concept: difference Entry: neuter Function: verb Definition:: de-sex Synonyms: alter, castrate, change , desexualize, doctor, dress, emasculate, fix, geld, make barren, make impotent, make infertile, make sexless, mutilate, spay, sterilize, unsex Concept: medical action Entry: novelty Function: noun Definition:: originality Synonyms: change , crazy, creation, dernier cri, freshness, innovation, last word, modernity, mutation, newfangled contraption, newness, oddball, oddity, original, origination, permutation, recency, recentness, sport, strangeness, surprise, unfamiliarity, uniqueness, vicissitude, weird Concept: difference Entry: passage Function: noun Definition:: travel Synonyms: change , conversion, crossing, flow, journey, motion, movement, passing, progress, progression, tour, traject, transfer, transference, transit, transition, transmission, transmittal, transmittance, traverse, traversing, trek, trip, voyage Concept: transportation action Entry: premonition Function: noun Definition:: dream Synonyms: apprehension, apprehensiveness, feeling, foreboding, forewarning, funny feeling, hunch, idea, intuition, misgiving, omen, portent, prenotion, presage, presentiment, sign, sinking feeling, suspicion, vibes, vibrations, warning, wind change , winds, worriment Concept: concept/idea Entry: qualify Function: verb Definition:: restrict Synonyms: abate, adapt, alter, assuage, change , circumscribe, diminish, ease, lessen, limit, mitigate, moderate, modify, modulate, reduce, regulate, restrain, soften, temper, vary, weaken Concept: decrease Entry: range Function: verb Definition:: extend Synonyms: change , differ, diverge from, fluctuate, go, reach, run, stretch, vary, vary between Concept: extent Entry: redeem Function: verb Definition:: recover Synonyms: buy back, buy off, call in, cash, cash in, change , cover, defray, discharge, exchange , get back, make good, pay off, purchase, ransom, recapture, reclaim, recoup, regain, reinstate, repay, replevin, replevy, repossess, repurchase, restore, retrieve, settle, take in, trade in, win back Concept: acquisition Entry: redress Function: noun Definition:: compensation Synonyms: aid, amendment, amends, assistance, atonement, balancing, change , conciliation, correction, cure, ease, help, indemnity, justice, offsetting, payment, quittance, re-establishment, recompense, rectification, reformation, rehabilitation, relief, remedy, remission, remodeling, renewal, repair, reparation, reprisal, requital, restitution, retribution, return, revision, reward, reworking, satisfaction, vengeance Concept: correction/rectification regenerate Function: verb Definition:: revivify Synonyms: change , exhilarate, inspirit, invigorate, produce, re-establish, reanimate, reawaken, reconstruct, recreate, refresh, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, renew, renovate, reproduce, restore, revive, uplift Concept: starting Entry: rehabilitate Function: verb Definition:: renovate Synonyms: adjust, change , clear, convert, fix up, furbish, improve, make good, mend, re-establish, rebuild, reclaim, recondition, reconstitute, reconstruct, recover, redeem, reform, refurbish, rehab, reinstate, reintegrate, reinvigorate, rejuvenate, renew, restitute, restore, save Concept: correction/rectification Entry: rehash Function: verb Definition:: talk over Synonyms: change , discuss, reiterate, repeat, rephrase, restate, reuse, rework, rewrite, say again, state differently Concept: discussion Entry: remedy Function: verb Definition:: cure Synonyms: aid, alleviate, ameliorate, amend, assuage, attend, change , clean up, control, correct, cure, debug, dial back, doctor, ease, fiddle with, fix up, fly speck, go over, heal, help, launder, mitigate, palliate, pick up, put right, recalibrate, rectify, redress, reform, relieve, renew, repair, restore, revise, right, scrub, set right, shape up, solve, soothe, square, square up, straighten out, treat, upgrade Concept: medical action Entry: replace Function: verb Definition:: take place of Synonyms: alter, back up, change , compensate, displace, fill in, follow, front for, give back, mend, oust, outplace, patch, put back, reconstitute, recoup, recover, redeem, redress, reestablish, refund, regain, reimburse, reinstate, repay, restitute, restore, retrieve, ring, ring in, shift, sit in, stand in, sub, substitute, succeed, supersede, supplant, supply, swap places, take out, take over Concept: replacement Entry: reverse Function: verb Definition:: cancel Synonyms: alter, annul, backpedal, backtrack, change , convert, countermand, dismantle, double back, flip-flop, invalidate, lift, modify, negate, nullify, overrule, overset, overthrow, overturn, quash, recall, renege, repeal, rescind, retract, revoke, set aside, turn around, undo, upset Concept: changing Entry: revert Function: verb Definition:: about-face Synonyms: backslide, change , come back, decline, degenerate, deteriorate, flip-flop, go back, hark back, inverse, invert, lapse, react, recrudesce, recur, regress, relapse, resume, retrograde, retrogress, return, throw back, transpose, turn, turn back Concept: direction Entry: revise Function: verb Definition:: correct Synonyms: alter, amend, blue pencil, change , clean up, compare, cut, debug, develop, dial back, edit, emend, fly speck, go over, improve, launder, look over, modify, overhaul, perfect, polish, re-examine, recalibrate, recast, reconsider, redo, redraft, redraw, rehash, reorganize, restyle, revamp, review, rework, rewrite, run through, scan, scrub, scrutinize, study, tighten, update, upgrade Concept: improvement Entry: revolution Function: noun Definition:: major change Synonyms: anarchy, bloodshed, cabal, coup, coup d'etat, crime, debacle, destruction, disorder, foment, guerrilla activity, innovation, insubordination, insurgency, metamorphosis, mutiny, outbreak, overthrow, overturn, plot, radical change , rebellion, reformation, reformation, reversal, revolt, rising, row, shake-up, shift, strife, strike, subversion, transformation, tumult, turbulence, turmoil, turnover, underground activity, unrest, upheaval, upheaval, uprising, uprising, uproar, upset, violence Concept: changing Entry: shift Function: verb Definition:: switch Synonyms: about face, alter, bottom out, budge, change , change gears, cook, deviate, dial back, dislocate, displace, disturb, do up, drift, exchange , fault, flip-flop, fluctuate, move, move around, move over, rearrange, recalibrate, relocate, remove, replace, reposition, ship, shuffle, slip, stir, substitute, swap places, swerve, switch over, tack, transfer, transmogrify, transpose, turn, turn around, vacillate, vary, veer, waffle, yo-yo Concept: changing shift Function: noun Definition:: switch Synonyms: about-face, alteration, bend, change , change over, conversion, deflection, deviation, displacement, double, fault, fluctuation, modification, move, passage, permutation, rearrangement, removal, shifting, substitution, switch, tack, transfer, transference, transformation, transit, translocation, turn, variation, veering, yaw Concept: changing Entry: shuffle Function: verb Definition:: rearrange Synonyms: change , confuse, disarrange, disarray, discompose, dislocate, disorder, disorganize, disrupt, disturb, intermix, jumble, mess up, mix up, shift, wash Concept: sequence/order Entry: slant Function: verb Definition:: distort Synonyms: aim, angle, bias, change , color, concentrate, direct, focus, influence, orient, point, prejudice, train, twist, warp, weight Concept: changing Entry: sterilize Function: verb Definition:: make clean Synonyms: alter, antisepticize, aseptify, aseptize, autoclave, castrate, change , clean, decontaminate, desexualize, disinfect, emasculate, fix, fumigate, incapacitate, make sterile, neuter, pasteurize, purify, sanitize, spay Concept: cleanliness Entry: substitute Function: verb Definition:: exchange Synonyms: act for, alternate, answer for, back up, change , commute, cover for, deputize, displace, double for, front for, go as, palm off, pass for, pinch-hit, proxy, relieve, replace, ring, ring in, spell, stand for, sub, supercede, supplant, swap, switch, take over Concept: exchange Entry: suit Function: verb Definition:: adapt Synonyms: accommodate, adjust, amuse, change , conform, entertain, fashion, fill, fit, fit in, gratify, modify, please, proportion, quadrate, readjust, reconcile, revise, satisfy, square, tailor, tailor-make Concept: preparation Entry: swap Function: verb Definition:: exchange Synonyms: bandy, bargain, barter, change , interchange , substitute, switch, swop, trade, traffic, truck Concept: exchange Entry: switch Function: verb Definition:: change Synonyms: change course, convert, deflect, deviate, divert, exchange , interchange , rearrange, replace, shift, shunt, sidetrack, substitute, swap, trade, turn, turn aside, turnabout, veer Concept: exchange Entry: tamper Function: verb shift Synonyms: be irresolute, change , deliberate, dilly-dally, dither, falter, flicker, fluctuate, halt, hedge, hesitate, oscillate, palter, pause, pussyfoot around, quiver, reel, seesaw, shake, stagger, sway, teeter, totter, tremble, trim, undulate, vacillate, vary, waffle, wave, weave, whiffle, wobble, yo-yo Concept: changing