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process 11.9.03 [here in this place] start 3.11 am; sent-up 4.12 am: process 5.11.03-start 12:13am; sent-up 12:53am: process 12.11.03-start 10.32 am; sent-up 1.13pm (and again) sent up 5.17pm: process 28.03.04 On force sent-up 11.13 pm: process 01.06.04 strange star-actor this list becomes too complex and dumb - failing to render the deviations - strange attractor researched early april doesn't find its way here until june, the beginning of winter - and it this rate it will never make it 'live' to the web:: process 22.06.04 beta1.3 a form emerges - porous and holey in between print writing and screen writing : process 23.06.04 viddy the construction site walking between a warm corporate studio (architecture) and a cold enticing gallery (vis arts) - and there is a small door for possible transformations : process 24.06.04 10.33am upload beta1.3 - in between a scaffold and a skeleton, the walls get together …
On force scratch stripes
  appearance hot-cold
strange star-actor (auto da fe) "when I scratch I want to see what's underneath," the composer assesses his reading; a wall of words, a sonorous refrain …

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