element 1: a shape that endures

Element one is an aerial black and white photograph of a structure/shape in/on a body of water (sea or river?). The shape is a fish trap made from bamboo curved, crossed and bound. Its function is only made known (to me) by reading the text that accompanies the image (on the page before the full page photo). The photo is in a book called Forms in Japan by Yuichiro Kojiro. The photograph was taken by Futugawa Yukio. The picture appears in the sub category forms which surround (megurashi)in the category forms of Unity (matome no katachi); .[1] The sentence that relates to the fish trap image is "Fish that swim into the bamboo-netting trap cannot escape again" … [2]
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[1] Yuichiro Kojiro, Forms in Japan, Photographs by Yukio Futagawa. (Honolulu: East-West Centre Press, 1965) 20
[2] ibid: 89