images 0: order-words [day-night]

  "All seems to take place as if, in this aggregate of images which I call the universe, nothing really new could happen except through the medium of certain particular images, the type which is furnished me by my body." (Bergson 1991:18) The images 'furnished me by my body' are those of memory, dream, hallucination. claspImages instigated by a certain sort of shock, catastrophe, crash, accident, or, withdrawal (this could be sleep, daydream, or suspension of addiction - in other words, to switch one mode of being-in-the-world for another). Images that are before rather than beyond a certain sort of cognition. In Henri Bergson's terms this cognition or understanding is constituted by the order-words of language, where ready-made order-words transmit 'the ready-made problems that society seeks to force us to solve.' (Olkowski 1999:89) And as resistance to the impasse Deleuze reminds us that '[c]reating has always been something different from communication. The key thing may be to create vacuoles of noncommunication, circuit breakers, so we can elude control.'~

~ See Gilles Deleuze and Toni Negri, "Control and Becoming," in Negotiations: 1972-1990169-76; cited by Felicity D. Scott, "Architecture or Techno-Utopia" Grey Room 032001:112-126, p125-126
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