hyper [day-night]

This writing is a small part of many small parts that are making something much larger. It's a departure of sorts, to gather a few small things to see if it's possible that they can be something here, apart from the rest. First, two quotations which seem to call-up most of the things I am concerned with in my current research practice;
"Yes, there is a chance, there is room, but only very little. So, to describe this little... The 'to come' will come in the form of new technology, this has always been so, but is more so now. Technology has a 'blind and cruel' set of powers. The struggle is not to reject technology and not to be buried by technology. How do we and how will we organize inscription in a hyper tech world?" (Derrida 1999)

"[Derrida] has long been fascinated by the "experience of the impossible," the possibility of this impossibility, by the absolute heterogeneity that the hyper introduces into the order of the same, interrupting the complacent regime of the possible." (Caputo 1997:2)
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