excess [day-night]

  There's been a lot of talk and writing around hyper(whatever) in the last few years - an awful lot of writing and talk. Exhausted and incompletely there is hyperspace (in science), hypertext (in literary pursuits), hyperlink (internet), hypersurfaces (in architecture), hypermedia (in visual arts and literature), and in arrangements of another order; hypersonic, hyperthermal, hyperactive, hypersensitive, hyperventilation.
[these hypers could link to specific instances; e.g., hypersurfaces to Perella et al - current discourses in architectural theory (the fold) and practices (topological investigations and design); or a hypertext that works critically e.g., Melinda Rackham's empyrean or Carolli and Wilson's* water always writes in * plural ]

Each of us must know how it feels to hyperventilate - breathe too fast, too hard, too quickly, where one's senses begin to reel, the ground is no-where at all.

hyper = excess. Excess without end, without a first form. Instrumental language is not very 'fitting' anymore - if indeed it ever was. What I'm curious about and what I love, are the excesses of language, of life, of being alive with death as an intimate everyday awareness rather than a trajectory 'I' hurtles towards. There is something about the hyper (above, beyond) that begs humility, it's insistence is unknowing and unknown. It resists every order, every category arrangement the language of reason can offer. It exists and it doesn't exist.
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