desert [day-night]

    "The trouble(s) with writing is its infinite plurality, its instability, while it is, or seems to be, simultaneously, con-fined, con-formed: still. It's like and unlike everything else: object room, street, desert." (LMW 2000)

With this sense of desert in mind I'd like to take from Ulmer's address one image, that of the total eclipse of the sun. The word eclipse comes from the Greek for "abandonment." Quite literally, an eclipse was seen as the sun abandoning the earth.

The next total eclipse of the sun takes place later this year on December 4th 2002. Its path overland~ through Australia passes through the site of greatest trouble in recent times. Beginning at Ceduna, a little to the east of Maralinga, site for nuclear testing by the British and botched clean-up jobs.

Traditional owners of the land are the Maralinga Tjarutja Aboriginal people, exiled, who await a return.

The eclipse will pass through the salt lakes, Lake Gardiner and Lake Hart - the latter the site of the disused Woomera Rocket range and in proximity to the Woomera Detention Centre for 'illegal immigrants'. People behind barbed wire, stateless.

So perhaps this question of Ulmer's can be of use here; how can we make use of our ATH, our foolishness, this catastrophe, with an electrate rather than a literate response?

~ F. Espenak and J. Anderson Total Solar Eclipse of 2002 December 04 September 2001 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, Maryland p17 PDF documents accessible from
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