being attenuated_0 [day-night]

  For a long time I have been under the mis-understanding that to be 'attenuated' was the act of paying close attention. I assumed this word meant that every part of one's body was located at the very precipice of awareness where things become critical - where things can be felt in a way that is prehensile and in-tune, both at the same time. I find instead that attenuate means 'to make slender, thin or fine; rarify', and that the word is derived from the 'Latin: made thin'(Macquarie 2000:62). Yet this is not so far away from the image that I have of this moment of attenuation. Perhaps the body (this 'me' that 'I' pinch) becomes surface and enters the stream of surfaces; paradoxically, unpinchable by 'me' or 'I' and even 'you'. So perhaps being attenuated is not 'being' at all, but becoming, where the subjectivities I, me, you are radically suspended. Outside is inside, inside is out. It is this thin. If this is so, what are the points that remain (in the way of topology) that allow a return, a re-gathering or a thickening? Because one has to also be I and me with you.  
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