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Appearance is the mode of virtuality coming-into-significance.
Interior and exterior worlds are made from images. The virtual is intimately implicated in the actualizing of the world. Its time of appearance is before language, it is the space of memory and forgetting. It is more than what happens via the screen, it is more than the articulation of the real in digital form.
Appearance : aesthetics, arrival (en-trance) apparition, time, place, image, virtual.

Appearance is the act of coming into view - as if from nowhere. And there is something about 'appearance'(apparition) that spooks. As it arrives from elsewhere appearance makes an entrance not quite in the way of material matters:'the appearance of things seems to be _ but what are we really seeing here?'. Appearance can also be magic or, wonder.
Tower City 1959

There is a wall of appearances here - that wants to make the order-words of materiality in-to textuality as pleasure (sending/taking) of the text - text being all manner of perceptions in the mix, making (un)patterned movement.'Beauty' is in the eye(I) of the beholder, it is usually about seeing. Sublime, (what of the sublime?) beyond, breathless (don't forget to breathe). Aesthetics is the abstracted visualisation of the experience of beauty. Beauty can be dark (of shadows) and light. Both can open up, split a seam, fray fabric, felt fibres, grow membranes. September eleven two thousand and two - 11:26 am here in Adelaide - still a few hours away from 8.46am September eleven two thousand and one New York City. A text message arrives from P. She is on the early bus, off to work in a Bank. This appears on the screen, "Everyone is driving with their headlights on".
There is a tightening at the entrance to the stomach, a sort of clenching. Do you know this sensation?
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