tv1 You watch a Japanese road movie, (you could be anywhere), unable to read the title. The car is called Famillia. This car is orange. Room enough for four, three travel. A map of Hokkaido is unfolded. The landscape is broad and sparse, and now mountainous. The plot involves a fugitive, an adventurer and a girl; perhaps she is running from disgrace. A wife is dead from wasting disease. Murder has been done and a rape averted. The girl becomes strong and wise. The adventurer learns to be less foolish in his attempt to win the love of the girl. Bridges are crossed and towns traversed. Your head is stuffed with thickness. It could be boredom. There is a return to the site of passion. You are afraid to look. Desolation … nane.Yellow flags fly unexpectedly. The fugitive's wife did not die after all. He comes to a place that could be home … furusato.I think this is love and hope. Well, love at least. The boy and girl bond.

So many stories remain the same. The language is shared in tones, in pace and with(in)sight.
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