1. You could be hearing things
sitting there still
look ahead or look down
s_tuck in a slim box
anything could happen

2. machinic orchestration
h e a r i n g things … (I could be)
loud and quiet
standing here still
on the balcony - up look down
daytime TV samurai, or is it the ninjas

3. falling haishi lands
landing is h(e)ard
clinks chinking crockery
traffic hum-urmer fade to back
out / in edit to / siren
accompanied by howling dogs

4. glide bi cycle
next door shuts a door
horn sound is a wide van on the slim street
brakes screech . stop .
in that tinny way they do
Scenic: The cook (who cooks nothing at all) takes a living eel, sticks a long pin into its head, and skins the eel alive/dead. This is rapid and wet rather than bloody … dying rather than dead.


'There is an attempt to deny the existence of ghosts by discouraging rumours about them,' Marilyn Ivy writes.
Burakumin "are 'village people' or pejoratively Eta, 'those full of filth'. Buraku industries include shoe making, dying, slaughtering animals and handling their skins, crematorium and grave work and scrap collection of all kinds. Handling of corpses and burial of the dead. Fried tripe is a Buraku snack: iremon-ya literally container that is, stomach shop. … It is their "unclean" habits in relation to language and manners, as well as supposed tendencies to be inordinately violent …" (D)

Sounds like a program for a progrom. Conservative enclavement is a collective defence. This could be anywhere.

Why am I relaying this? A re-construction of the creation of an outcast community. Perhaps this: "They can 'code switch' when necessary. I met a group of Japanese artists in Paris in the 1970's. One revealed to me that many of the older members where minority outcastes. Some of the others where Koreans with Japanese names." (Da)
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