"Becoming individuated is of general contemporary interest to many Japanese." (Da) I think I'm turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so. Forearms stick to the laminex table top. Cicadas … always the cicadas

Game show Demonstration of patience, concentration, and the ability of the subject (contestant) to negotiate electrically charged spaces.

The object is to draw a line between two electrified rods that together look unremarkably like an alimentary tract. The contestant dons gloves and goggles. The drawing tool is a copper rod. It is long and awkward. Sparks fly when the rod touches the tract. The punter is disqualified. Game two: A vigorous cement water slide. The contestant is in a rubber dingy. At five points along the way the punter must grab and don:
1. a T-shirt
2. a waist girdle
3. the skull cap and wig of a samurai
4. a pair of round spectacles and Hitler moustache
5. a pair of long johns

Every contestant falls - fails - flails. The winner (who does not win) is ¥100,000 richer. A picture of St Francis of Xavier is flashed on the screen. The first christian priest to arrive in Japan.
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