gni :geniwate

mtw : Michael Tawa

glu : Gregory L. Ulmer

lmw : Linda Marie Walker

sp : Sonja Porcaro

ti : Teri Hoskin

mks : Mark Stephens

stm : Sue Thomas

jw&lc : Josephine Wilson and Linda Carroli

hkr : Heather Kerr

gni : geniwate


geniwate's exploration of the electronic medium has made her terse! geni uses supposedly information-rich electronic venues to promote reflection rather than information. She seeks to penetrate aporias that words obscure. The defamiliarisation made possible by new electronic artforms may allow allusion to these aporias and may foreground the unsaid and the unsayable. geni lives and works in Adelaide.

mtw : Michael Tawa


Michael is Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of NSW, where he teaches architectural design theory and studio. He is working on two projects: a Design Lexicon of terms useful for design practice, which studies words through etymological and metaphorical reference; and Mapping: Design, a speculative approach to design, place and sustainability, which draws on mapping and cartographic practices.

glu : Gregory L. Ulmer


Gregory Ulmer is the author of HEURETICS: THE LOGIC OF INVENTION (Johns Hopkins, 1994). He teaches media studies in the English Department, University of Florida, Gainesville (U.S.A.) His current project is a collaboration with the Florida Research Ensemble, adapting "testimonial" as an internet practice for consulting on public policy formation. He is the founder of the Florida Research Ensemble

lmw : Linda Marie Walker

Born of Stars (1) (2) (3)

Linda Marie Walker is a writer, and currently Director of the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, and Editor of Broadsheet. She is co-founder of the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble.

sp : Sonja Porcaro


Sonja is an artist who works in installation, writing and electronic media. She has lived and worked in Sydney for the last three years and is currently living in Adelaide.

ti : Teri Hoskin

m a t t e r

Teri is a writer, artist and curator. She is the site editor and designer for the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble. She lives in Adelaide.

mks: Mark Stephens

[[[[[part of an ongoing draft ....

This text is a portion of an ongoing writing practice that responds to and engages with film music literature visual art and electronic environments. This text­portion responds to a work by the Australian artist Juan Davila, painted in 1984. A reproduction of this work can be found on pp 98 - 99 of Hysterical Tears, edited by Paul Taylor, Greenhouse Publications,1985. The text samples are by Jacques Derrida reading the work of Jean Genet in the book glas, University of Nebraska Press, 1990. The font used is ergoe light. Mark Stephens is an Adelaide based artist and writer.

stm: Sue Thomas


"I always seem to be on the borders between things - hence the lines perhaps. Nationalities. Sexualities. Electracies. Specialist in ambiguities, androids, and artlessness, which I translate into fiction as best I can." Sue is the Founder & Director of the trAce Online Writing Community. Publications include; 'Correspondence', 'Water' and 'Wild Women'. She lives and works in Nottingham, England.

jw&lc: Josephine Wilson and Linda Carroli

tink & lina chat

A Little More than 25 words on Ircling
Josephine: It was sometime in 1997, or was it 1998, one of our first IRC's. We fell upon chat as if it were a pink Christmas cracker, and we have never tired of the novelty of the yellow plastic whistle wrapped up in the weak joke. Teri came upon this irc by mistake (I never did get to the bottom of that...) and thought it lux. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Linda: It was 1997, late. Don't you remember? So anxious to get something online. There was no being shy, we were going to blow that whistle loud, keen to shed the newby tag. So it was discarded, not hidden or trashed, just left for anyone to find. That'll teach us. Josephine lives in Perth, Western Australia. Linda lives in Brisbane, Queeensland.

hkr: Heather Kerr

Notes for an impossible electronic writing: no sublime 'white despair', no 'architectural object', no 'irreplaceable china dogs' (Genette).

Heather Kerr teaches in the Department of English and coordinates the Bachelor of Arts, Cultural Studies at the University of Adelaide. Her most recent publication is the co-edited collection, The Space Between: Australian Women Writing Fictocriticsm, 1998.