Do not follow in the footsteps of the old poets
seek what they sought
. (Basho)

     Kathy and I drove to Micanopy 

        	(named for an Indian ChiEf)

	      last Wednesday, a day of sunshine, light breezes,

      to have lunch at one of the  s a n d w i c h  shops 

        	in this village just outside Gainesville.

   Crossing PAYNE'S PRAIRIE (a prairie in the French sense

		Ponge intended in Le Pre).

 	  The water is high, although  the flooding rains 

		that made it Rise 

	  are a memory that only makes the new threat

			of brush fires ironic.  

    An Egret tries to learn from the ducks in the

		too deep for feeding.  Its  n  a  m  e

		   gives me an image for that feeling

		as if a   s h o r e b i r d's  beak 


          just the precise momenT

      		to thrust and bite the silver thoughts,