every waking moment in(di)visible. the lid ground back, ground still. the corners drawn on.

to look as though I bend, the sound of bending, a note parted, stretched, when one mouths one returns,

one recoils, a bird insight. struck sheer. across the dense black already inked, the skin stuck to its


every sleeping moment smells still. not apart in closing but before. waits to turn. to fill. to line

inside. the grid, shadowed, will pass. daily. the wall will stay. daily. a room that roams, moves. a hand

stalls. verging. turns to weight. want. to flush the lips, buffed and blossomed

a line deadens, broiled back. I am left to write

an offering outside asking outside uttering. ineffable. spit, leaving the hand. leaving

language. to breathe against the ear. rimmed. revelled. the sides fall through, drilled slow

a part noted, stretched.     everything is silent, mist,1 returning only as lines of your smell. burnt on/in.

then to move in/on again, from the same side within. darkness. wet. indelible glance. at last, relief

to ride       with grace      with black

the room fills the call. fills the throats. backed up, arched through, spread soft. I listen in shifts,

as though I end, the sound of ending

1. Dylan Everett, email 30 Jul 1999 16:45

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