skin hair
  hair skin
  (later). To throw away the best because the guts is never true. intensity. resistance - those clumsy conglomerates where most is happening (un)mediated (un)comfortable (un)formed (no figure). the pause of     gap    b   r   e   a   t   h   e The insistence of repetition to the point of betrayal. (iteration teeming). this place. (is place). is teeming. To resist the ease of A B C. To resist shouting. To write what it might be to be a person, not not-human. straddling. (with sans). To go through fear with fear to be at the place no place of nothing. to be this nothing that is everything (spending). every work is a work of mourning - broad       near       the       ferrule       and       tapering      to       a       sharp       point.       To       come       -       a       chance       to       come       9.9.99

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