hair skin
  land, in which way it will fall, the shape(s) it will form. To not be afraid of boredom, (to go there). To walk away. toward another. Smell (yes smell) outside air, touch of sun on skin. To wash dirty plates; prepare food; make a clean floor. and sometimes, (rare and best), to sit with silence, listen to the other sounds, making rhythm via cuts spaces-paces. the small move, (s light), can produce cacophony, echo, resonance, resistance. (it could be a disaster). who loves a scar. spaces paces between. the way a word (parole bonds) looks in relation to another, the sound of the glue. sound sounds. To incite the mouth to mouth a thought       jump (a chance to rhythm). To       prod        a        little,    (tickle),       or       leave       alone.    To    purposefully    ignore    the    scary    bits.    for    now.