of what we wanted.
tink: Yees - re passive aggressive it is quite enlightening to think of that whole area of writing about pedagogy and seduction - remember Jane Gallop?
tink: linda have you passed out?
lina: i'm still here
lina: why fiction?
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lina: has someone joined us?
tink: not on mine
lina: ok
lina: we'll see what happens
*** Signoff: Newbie
tink: to get back to ficto-crit - have you been able to formulate a plan for this project - i mean your own 'outcome'?
tink: i have always written fiction - i love it, and it enables me to have space. Scary space.
lina: no not really because my interest is really the inquiry, the experience and then writing about that. theorising it. I feel the same way about writing non-fiction. it's perhaps the relationship to writing - like this whole process - a mental space which continual folds and unfolds ... may not best descritpion
lina: scary space is an interesting idea
tink: Yes: scary space is quite a good name for something like this project
lina: it coalesces with kristeva notion of the abject as being a space of inbetween (scary, unfamiliar territory, broken ground, etc)
lina: however, i wouldn't call this experience abject
tink: i have done a lot of reading on flight and feminism and post-modernism - disembodiment, utopia coz thats sort of what the novel is about in a very mundane way. re: abject; I'm glad.
tink: well, some reading
tink: wouldn't want to talk myself up here
tink: up up and away...
lina: i read something about flight and feminism recently - it had something to do with why women stopped flying in the early days of aviation
tink: oh what was it- my mother was an airhostess
tink: an embodied conduit for passenger comfort
lina: i'll try to find it tonight - it was from a book that someone had given me called la princessa - machiavelli for women. it's a funny little book about women's power tactics in the 90s, it's kind of quirky - a cross between a self-help book and feminist text.
lina: full of advice like 'your enemies are those who will thwart your dreams'
tink: i couldn't agree more. i'll paste in onto my screen
tink: or; 'if they're not behind you they're in front of you'
tink: i.e. compete!!
tink: you know this is so much fun i feel guilty
lina: it also says that the power structure wasn;t designed for women to compete in so we have to develop new strategies - those masculinist war/warrior ones just can't work for us ... she seems to adopt a more fluid idea of power for women - along foucaultian lines. i am really enjoyuing myself too. is this work?
lina: or rather is this writing? or perhaps reasearch? or perhaps the poetics of the web?
lina: :)

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