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lina: got disconneted and now i'm back
lina: did you find what you were looking for on the web?
tink: i am finding it hard to give up the Capitals. spped and efficiency are eveything in this mode.
tink: I mean spped
tink: speed
lina: yes - i know, it's like slipping between two languages
tink: are you up on virilio? I am not. do tell. a simple demand, no?
tink: Do you speak italian?
lina: no i don;t speak italian well.
tink: are you there? Are you there?
tink: While youare out to lunch, so to speak, I whould like to take the opportunity to go beyond the single sentence. But it seems the form mitigates against that; there is always the image of the other person WAITING on the other end, gettin bored with getting
tink: cut off
lina: it is odd - it's like filling in awkward silence. how do we contruct text with this?
tink: Someone said to me they hate chat - it destroys language. I think the on-line optimists would be scathing about such a comment.
lina: the spelling mistakes get to me as well ...
tink: Yes you have to give up on correctness, sacrifice it in the name of speed.
lina: maybe we need to figure out how we want it to fit into the project - what part of this do we want to use - how is it useful to us?
tink: Maybe we should do a bit of biographical interchange - talk about what we are into - I think we could edit bits of this into our individual writing - but no one is gong to want to read all this..
lina: i agree
tink: i.e. tell me about yourself ( I feel like a psych)
lina: we've seen each other's cv's what else do you want to know?
tink: you said you were interested in ficto-criticism - is that the mode you are most confortable working in on this project?
lina: we could just tell lies ...
tink: HA HA
tink: that's the funny thing about the web - all that potential for subterfurge lina: ficto-criticism seems like a good form/style for me at the moment because i'm interested in testing the boundaries of criticial writing ... ie i get a bit sick of academic writing and i sometimes think that 'rigour' is a bit of an institutional myth
tink: have yo beeb working on anything specific in the last days?
tink: spelling!
lina: nothing specific - just trying to get my head around the concepts of this project - i'll refer again to this nebulous notion of research that has been attached to this. i was talking to a friend about it last night and said that research processes we use in our respective writing practices must be very different because they have to meet different needs ...
lina: i have been writing a couple of articles for journals though, nothing extraordinary - bread and butter stuff