How to


the electronic writer's

historicist tendencies;

'big gestures, dialectics,

the avant-garde'? (Lovink)

How to imagine

an other history/writing

using the


of the computer?
Detour for an other writing; return to The Writing of the Disaster (Blanchot) - not as antidote but as design for an interface?

'What about the other history, wherein nothing of the present ever happens, which no event or advent measures or articulates? Foreign to the succession of moments, which is linear even when it is hindered and as zigzagging as it is dialectical, the other history is the deployment of a plurality which is not of the world or of numbersThe other history would be a feigned history, which is not to say that it is a mere nothing, but that it is always calling forth the void of a nonplace, that that is it, and that separates it from itself. It is unbelievable because any belief in it would have to overlook it.'(Blanchot 138, 139)
But no, always
Spreading the wing of the impossible
You wake with a cry,
From the site, which is only a dream
(quoted in Blanchot, 132)

or, to put it another way:

Poets deplore
the dark of jour
and mock the sweet
lightness of nuit.

Poor Mallarmé
had lots to say.
He never quite
left the page white.

(Verses II and III of
Macaronics for Mallarmé,
Walter Martin)