TANGERINE, A GLOW: Gabriel, the archangel. Where am I, well, I'm out of the forest, just, and going back, you are there, just. To the heath, remorse, a dream, Marie, a name on a plate. The plate, something flat, a plateau. Named after a plateau. Swallows passing through the head. A bullet, trouble (trouble: Genet's word translated as 'emotion'), flowers, at this moment daffodils, not ferns, and so I return, a tattered sky, flat on my back. (THE THOUGHT OF BODY)
SILVER: I wish them well. I am so pleased, tell no-one, a secret is tact, don't go there, as I will, with the dunes, the creeks, the hills, the lakes. That's sexual, a sexual object (or two), forty five seconds, to find the living, a stricken region.
PALE PINK: 3am, on the other side, stomach, usually. And laughter. I don't know, the cars racing, soberness for hours. The time. The too time, that death stalks. Ah, she speaks, she does. (PLEASE SAY NO NO NO)
RED, BLACK: A tale of two squares, for children, like a film: words move as they act: squares, these are squares. Take the number 2, and a red square, on a page. (THE STREETS ARE EMPTY)
A BLUE LIKE THE OCEAN ON 2 JULY: There is a circle, a thin black line, a square inside, touching the top of the circle, not the bottom, and a red square inside that: there's no word for that, as a picture I mean. "All of them ... are remains - what other people would call remains. What, from the outside, one might call remains I would call the main thing." (Duras) (COME BACK TO THE WORLD)
A BLUE SKY, DOWN SOUTH: The birds to eat, as one watches. Eat birds. And pelicans? The pink lakes. Pelicans sweep over tides, swallows are angels in streets: oh my high star sun. (LOOK, IT'S TIME TO BE BACK, HERE)

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