Linda Marie Walker

Cyperspace, Hypertext, & Critical Theory
Body and voice: four cries, 1995
First line: "This begins on a dark night …"

Otis Rush (edited by Ken Bolton)
Line of sight
First line: "I can't say what it is or how I saw it …"

Lawyers Guns & Money
Title: Yes
First line: "Introduction: Yes, that's the word, yes, falling I love, yes …"

A space for memorising and dreaming
First line: "Usually I don't like visiting museums …"
In the suspended moment of the leap
First line: "It is impossible to tell of all the issues …"
The Necks (CD)
First line: "It's a strange music …"

International Corporation of Lost Structures
Archivist, Department of Dislocated Memory
First line: "A report from the outer (cornered) island …"

Altx, Outerspace
Three Texts
First line: "Adelaide is so artistically tough and …"

Soft Wishing Y Monument
Letters between Gregory Ulmer and LMW

Noon Star (with Gregory Ulmer)
First line: "She was born near forests, she was not …"

Electronic Monumentality
The Wishing Y (Letters between Gregory Ulmer and LMW)
First line: "A custom: to save the wishbone of the turkey …"

Wunderkinder, curated by Michael Newall
Scores, in Paris, blow by blow

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