Once I had a title
In the arms of the arms
In the night of the night
With the hush of the words
In the mouth of the mouth
In the lap of the lap
would you read to me
would you read to me
in the hand of the hand
and the smile of the smile
would you read to me
would you leave quiet quiet
lines lines pores pores breath breath
and read to me and read to me
and slowly read to me
and leave my sleep
and sleep my ear
and hear my hear
my hear my hearing you
in the curve of the curve
and the fold of the fold
and the end of the end
and the light of the light
will you hear me
hearing you hearing me hearing you
in the slow of the slow
and the low of the low
and the day of the day

"Once I had a title" (sampled)
Lyrics: Linda Marie Walker
Composer: Johannes S. Sistermanns
Just And Thongs