Lucy was Lisa/a real fantasy
It's not like music, its just shoes
and he said, while the bass bassed,
that lucy was a girl, that lucy was a girl,
and lucy said no, and lucy said no,
and he recalls, and says lucy was a girl,
and now there's lucy's music in the food,
everywhere, in all he says there's lucy food,
like lucy shoes, and lucy no's and lucy knows,
and lucy says this and that, and sighs and sighs, and tears and tears,
lucy's voice reading lines that made her cry, poor lucy lisa, and shoes
shine, food glows, lucy loves lisa loves the one who wrote
the love to lucy who cried and filled up with all he wrote
while the bass bassed and the girls came like rain and wind and clouds
and shoes and food are beads in the bowl,
and he tells of lucy lisa, and he moans for lucy lisa and the tiny folded
fold of tissue, with the wish wishing its wish

"Lucy was Lisa/a real fantasy"
(sampled) Lyrics: Linda Marie Walker
Composer: Johannes S.Sistermanns
Just And Thongs