stretched diagram

	like a diagramme for cezanne`s compositions. the circuit board of an 
	overcoding binary machine.....
	each term can occupy any given point in the scheme as long as each 
	term remains within the guidelines like a peopling of children
	(eg. access to the acting profession does not proceed by age as 
	experience or right. any age may become a performer but in the adult
	and child`s respective approach, perspective will necessarily be different.
	the child will play a child or a some monstrous disembodiment. the man will
	play a man or a some monstrous disembodiment. tootsie, mrs. doubtfire, 
	la cage aux folles, mr. mum, big, jack, the truth about cats and dogs. 
	a reversal of fortune. hotel de love... remains within determinable relations.
	one point will occupy the perspectival position. the remaining terms will occupy
	a position in accordance with the particular object under question... it changes
	only such with focus. like are we looking at Krauss`s diagram or are we 
	witnessing her interpretation a priori of a given form... or a woman`s perspective
	on a generalised male analytical tool?

	krauss          theory    krauss            man    krauss            theory

	woman            man     theory             woman     man             woman

	seduced by the figures of absence...