the look and its (			)affects(			)
	(guises:disguises) this is how ga (final usage) settles upon arriving at the commune (his destination)
	 or at least it`s ideal...
	to put it together.

what are we talking about. Making an Emasculated hybrid reading this is a book for writing precisely!
it is clearly stated in the bowel wanking acculturated souls it is clearly stated speaking beings it is clearly stated in thesis by an author known arithmetic thats to us simply as joshua liam shepherd as it clearly states. this is a book [(and nothing but) with a narrative text] for the acculturatised (?) yes ! a genuine question of what? signs semiotics linguistics and i / tm is set in two parts; a- pplication/placation on the part of slavojslajovslojavzizek and on behalf of the metastases of... what? enjoyment    innumerable pleasures. or feeling? surely it is a question of pain or fear, ecstasy or slavery and on... of which enjoyment is but 1. excuse this somewhat boyish approach if you would seem It to Be...thatter way... it is only out of necessity for being a boy. a reclamation of it`s fibres evidences of manhood. as it clearly states; this book is on becoming a man. the first part is defined by each chapter being in possession (or not, as circumstances will allow) of a theoret literary accomplice to fate. The first chapter introduces us to our author apparent {a reason for being for the narrative`s original title "hybrid somehow" and an explanation of the thought and reasoning of italian philosophergiorgio agamben ssshh. by midway second chapter we are embroiled in his the a struggles for a masculine identity in harmony with a male sexuality which loses nothing of it`s virility in it`s denouement of violence. S/he mistook the marriage and its arrangement (predestination;contract;organisation) for a war - coupled with its continual cycle of deconstruction - experiment - recreation - around the principles and constancy of the motor. {another paulvirilio aside is now over} one can render its same. the last bastion of this forsaken outpost of humanity. tackling dreams of tall blonde haired blue eyed bronze skinned. suppose is one of the most interesting words we have. it is the door to a fascinating phase of mental activity - the imagination. nearly every time you indulge in imagination your thoughts begin with a word. but first i would have to find myself somewhere between the passion of foucault and that according to GH. somewhere between a practical philosophy and the coming community. between the eye of manuel puig and the i of clarice lispector - at the intersection of kristeva and burroughs. will that make any sense. in sections. the cell vibrates with silent blue motion of prison and all detention in time so we got our rocks off permutating through each others facilities... and after a little practice we could do it without the projector... but without a model i can`t draw, and anyway, i didn`t know any of the actors... the title tempted me. That is All. now shall we begin with artaud. the differences between sympathy and empathy may be determined by [comparative] analogies of each terms relative spatiotemporal qualities. distinguished in proximity to (O) empath will relate by approximation. by experiential filiation. by like. by indeterminable circulations that arrive upon you and by direct relations. an uncanny resemblance. empathy is born of two or more discreet ev(Vlem)ents of the same order, or by being simultaneously under the influence of such unifying order ev(vlem)ents so that each term may assimilate with it`s (potential) other(s) by means of comparable referential qualities. i feel the pain of your break up as i feel the pain of mine own...or such.