"A human is a being halfway between an
		alligator and a bird who wants to be a
		bird. The ancient books say there are
		ways humans can become something else".

				- Kathy Acker `Blood and Guts in High School, Plus Two`1984 p147

		Inhabiting my writing are peculiar boundary creatures 

				- - simians, cyborgs, and women -- all of which have 

				had a destabilising place in Western evolutionary, 

				technological, and biological narratives.  These 

				boundary creatures are, literally, monsters, a word 

				that shares more than its root with the verb to 

				demonstrate.  Monsters signify. . . . the power-

				differentiated and highly contested modes of being of 

				monsters (may be) are signs of possible worlds -- and they 

				are surely signs of worlds for which "we" are responsible.  (22)

				Haraway, Donna. "The Actors are Cyborg, Nature is Coyote, and the Geography is Elsewhere"
				Postscript to Cyborgs at Large. Technoculture Eds. Constance Penley and Andrew Ross.
				Minneapolis University of Minnesota Press 1991:  p 21-26.