those aussie men are so hunky and gorgeous. i want 
	one... and you can pat yourself on the back men. 
	you`re considered amongst the greatest of lovers 
	(lovers no, fuckers?) in for the duration... and 

	this my friends isARGGH BARRAMUNDI!

	in                    the                    world
	the loss of a son is a difficult experience to 
	share. to be there. at the moment of disaster. a 
	journalist`s` affair. too early or too late. 
	nothing much to share. if i hadn`t seen the friday
	news i would never have known that musicians were
	here. and i penniless will hear them from outside.
	empower the events of your mind. practical and
	easy to apply.  the costumes. i don`t know what
	they wear. where`s the remote? back to work. i see
	the walls. purchase the tools. experience the
	flaws. immediate feedback. vocal voice recording 
	table effects....when the voice changed. when a
	symmetry of sorts sets in. don`t ask. to lose your
	voice at the moment of its recording reminds you
	of...something. an even number. like the leaves of
	a tree are incomprehensible to the tree which
	stands on your property. figure. ground. and this
	belongs to me.! or else it doesn`t. to witness the
	future through the parasitic viral technologies. a
	mescaline. he was a cute boy. acute face. accurate
	in his gestures. and there`s moire. barrelsome, 
	weighty, surly, stocky? NO! would you see me again 
	a slim wavy average blonde. down to earth smiling
	bloke. dusty. lee jeans blue. tanktop blue.
	sandshoes perhaps. ruff hair. and i will not
	(refuse) (to) enslave (you) thee to the
	preorganisation of ectoplasmic recordings
	into albums. to refuse a documented history.or the
	voodoo who do what you won`t dare to... and how
	does 1 speak to literature? it was drawn silently
	on the sea (breadth, depth, crest) it was caught
	silently in the syllogisms of a sensitive subject
	being treated by three. a pleasant drop.
	into the world as thus would have our company 4x3=2
	three by four equals twelve. and i wondered why certain
	worlds fell out of common usage. it is not that 
	they strayed but they were dropped as if a fad.
	a certain comfort to cling to. as that of clay.
	and now. and now. these words have betrayed me in
	their audience upin their stage. oeder stages. nor
	does it succeed to come in to Being. as awkward 
	as it may be. thus. or was it naught the fifth 
	chapter or was that the forth came to be. an 
	irreconcilable no these are not (aren`t: the 
	collision; a stupefying effect) so irreverent.
	that`s` what it means to Be! to thread those 
	brackets and apostrophies (not in common usage).
	where does the comma stop and the full stop begin? 
	 that isn`t a question. pages wishing no longer
	to elope. (or in fury). but that`s` it! a comma 
	strikes with due force!! so too does.... you get
	the picture I+I= a window. yes it does! on 
	(or across[shrug]) a punctual frontier. or when
	certain forms wander in translation. the gesture
	can be perfected later. when the transfer was 






digital languages:           i have set myself this space. these parameters

and how does one enter [upon] red?    inch by inch
upon a hierarchy of brackets,parentheses, semicolons, infra see        ___________________________

10111010   intensify now
00101001   induce subjectivity
00110100   this on e
10101001   is strictly for kristeva or work thereof _____________________________________________


this putrid essence. colour colloquialises as you were. each stroke a li(o)ne(e)crossed out. 

beat measures time. oh you already know that do you; well let me hear you say it again! 

it`s` brief trace through history taught me a story told once shan't ever be told again. 

this is the paneuro-american disaster. to think like history. these lines knew nothing 

of my liberties or hard earned free  doms. hard up. hard on. a