stretched diagram

	sympathy is of an entirely [the motor is what (we)
	retains(s ed).] different order; of matters; so we
	proceed by calendars of time and duration and
	it`s  me m  o      r            y                .
	i  re   mem      ber             wh              en

	i was a boy of your age. Krauss would perceive of
	it as such: the L-Schema. a certified formulation
	of our words. a semiology or still yet an
	etymology ety(typiste)mology. the 2,3 are
	inseparable, structurally speak writi drawing
		oh~! (2,2); m u l t i p l i e d ;
	 /, //, +, #, 
	 NW  NE  SW  SE
	This is the analogy; 
	two people (you+i)

	meet with two terms
	[pathy (em & sym)].

	in reality:
	two concrete and

	differing entities

	comparable in form

	variable in content.

	or whatever...