A  J U B I L A N T  S U M M I T

	of a compressed australia. the peripheral locates
	and condemns the occident. it`s an endless disaster. 
	the kimberleys bubble. with a higher alien life
	[entities]; homes of the wadjinja. uluru anangku heart.
	spiritual centers trickle down on kaurna lands. 
	Noarlunga my home. The greatness divides the exalted west
	from the spurious east. and the lower south east is stained
	a filthy rotten. it chokes on it-self. the west draws lines
	and forms rhizomes. nullabor trails nambung meanders. kakadu
	rampant silver linings. What threatens is threatened; once again.
	the cleanest of geophysical slates. south west queensland blisters
	in advocacy. vandiemensland, left of mother[and of father too],
	meanders south to meet death. the albatross is a seagull exalted 
	to the highest state...[and of people too] Korka! The north west is
	sinking too...

	i`ve been working up a narrative [sweat] my power object has the
	complexion of a boa constrictor. universe exists. susej lived: 
	what a monstrous creation. god is a sponge. heaven and hell do
	not exist. only the devil does. it is human and on our side.

	the devil`s apology: "i gave you more through writing
	and answer your prayers. the saintly and the wickiid.
	i know of the crow where god is a senseless and silent
	witness." satan means more than god could ever Will and
	it Won`t.  and backmasked reads dna and over and overandrsdio....

	You just can`t not ignore no more. Elected utopia just does not exist some
	how. It`s never enough to be brought beyond it`s partial beginning. gnn.