stretched diagram

	what brings a hybrid in to Being?
	We have only our voice and our history
	only its name and definition...
	only some collective recollection of 
	homo sapiens sapiens enunciation and
	subsequent [scientific(?)] embodiment(s) 
	between using the brackets for pure aesthetic
	purposes, for its a/e-ffects, or the deploying
	(ing ment) of a bracket meaningfully so that it
	e/a-ffects. braquetting within an inch of its life.

	What of parentheses..?


...There is always an evolution.

an inherent dumbness which precedes and anticipates a priori. you wanted me expected i put something there. and to dare to connect the Two. as if they had some Thing in Common. Some is an important quantity and thing an unknowable form. That which. the thing which precedes and anticipates some form but it has no telling of the quantities It is Thing we use when speaking of Object. without ever naming One. ...or wanting to nervy generalisations and it will all begin to make sense soon... the midday of a nameless and therefore unquantifiable time substantial time time with unseeable contents and forms. time with ineffable dramaturgies and event-scenes. sooooon. somehow is not a word. is no Noun ! to use. Somehow belies a codependency To gether: be cause we h ad to f eel ne ce s sary
this is no
these are the subtleties giorgio agamben [ hereafter ga if after at All atall atool atol attollaleatory] misses isn`t this what boys DO. isn`t. what amass of a primary letter S. there are no more words here / What can you do? is somehow an escape mechanism? no more words or somehow. is place less and meaning less. no. aspatiotemporal. the wildcard of nonplused desiring machines. letters forming alphabets wanting to become transenter the word of worlds which becomes sentences. This is the exercise. but to not make it like a day at the races. Not; just a word game. not some Thing anterior nor inferior. to escape from words; but to be in this thing somehow.