i LEFT my luggage atthe LEFT luggage office  andi went RIGHT back to-the RIGHT 
	place too  butthe luggage that-i LEFT was-n`t RIGHT where-i LEFTit
	something something something something whaton earth wasi todo?


backing on to each other. two halves. mirror (no hesitation) snapping on heels. back to back (to duel).

A circle of cardboard, crudely coloured (crayon) into halves, flipping (pivoting) along the boundary. No, not like the lazy and even `hot..food..hot..food` `now..open..now..open` of oscillating wind entreaties (rural takeaways nesting to bitumen. Warm bitumen, glare off white enamel paint on metal, relieving breeze). No, this is displacement, one arrives to shunt the other ahead(behind). Pacy-er.

Left toe kicking right heel, if you like.

(Right heel stubbing left toe.)