close . ness . less

sentiments are made strange by the widow of
a cancer riddled man

It boils down to memory.

there is a knock at the door

a wave becomes glass

becomes still . impenetrable .

like Wendy lying silently on her bed (waiting)

She becomes the frozen . the suspended wave .

words point at expression

at confusion

words connote . misinterpret . fail .

alive . she is alive . just .

life: the fear of scented collapse,
lies like a lover with death

they kiss.

the softest breath of lip, upon lips, upon life.

they are estranged

distant . missed in movement ; the hands release their together space
finger tips linger . the space lingers .

quietly. gently.

This dying awaits a muted longing for life.

8 breaths a minute

a brain . dead .

a morphine cradle.
the lines of a tube,
of pain relief,
of simulated and extended life,
hang together with this body: breathing.

Watch the rise of the sheet. the fall and click of a machine.

life paces between death

roses lie in the grey hair of mystery

fragile . is faye . is disappearing : breathe

8 breaths a minute

threads lace : interlope
settle on flat lines of ocean that succumb to the pulling of wind
(across the surface) the underpinning
of the unseen

a flat line

a changing of the inside of a soul,
of unreason.

a pattern created from a natural logic

meet the defiance of the voluptuous self

I hold this gentle hand in mine.

The place of togetherness is here . murmuring on the path of palms .
it is child space . lover space .

holds grace with text
with prose
with passion

defaults . debunks .

implodes the face of a page

A change in expectancy.

Then dislocated

deranged a madness
in the middle

bountiful ; a body...empty under an hospital sheet
; a rain...unexpected in Summer

the meeting of

interrogating / calling

seeking the responsive eye

persuasion invitation

she dies
get a wriggle on

a heart beats too quickly
causes an anxiousness to rise . a chest in revolt .

he has a hold on her
not suffocating or stronghold
he has an uninformed, intuitive hold
on her darker stories

he waits to hear her nameless mysteries
the strength of her spine
the collapse of her heart
the wall of sound that is her silence
a history of emotional stretching / slapping / silence

he asks her
for the words to describe .
she is quietly afraid .

future and memory tease the edges of the present

trust moves blindly to the precipice . peers over the railing .
Quizzical and probing, trust lies down between the lovers and invites
a reading .

There was a sadness that crouched in a pocket of her stomach.
It nestled into the wrinkled moulds of her,
was deafened by the pulse of organs . the push of blood

resting head on hand, she
burnt her hair with a cigarette.
smelt it...

it was more than seeing the sea in his eyes.
It was a tenderness.
A generous look was given . And she swam in it .
Sadness began to move .

a place appears .

warm mellow
pixelated space

this is the falling space
this is the desires of closeness unmasked

the white spots of light seen when staring into the sun

an arm locks behind a head
your arm locks my head . against you .
a coming together .
a mind separate .

outside of this . a letting go .

I whisper to myself

let go

way too fast . the heart is beating . negotiating implosion .
it ticks .
forgets the pulse . stops .
a sharp object reacts .
spawning and crawling into the possibilities of the future .
a quickening .
a cliché . a collapse .

a loss of the romantic self

of space alone

I speak of the fear of isolation
in the realm of closeness.
a cellular division
an isolation due to one's own limitations of closeness

a body rests next to another
textures cross . inhabit . inhibit .

the temperature changes

a complicated relationship with an other . an old love .

a friend . a history . a present memory . a future .

a time becomes owned . forgotten .

light caught on the golden lashes of an eye

The secret parts of you are not caverned in the deepest canals of a body. They are not hidden behind the workings of the heart of blood.
Secrets collude inside fingertips,
rest at this point of recognition,
await some moment of gratification
of repulse, rejection.

just quietly . we ache .

adoration . expectation .

You ask of me to want
then disappear into the sand.

you . not some part of me .
not apart from me .

she is alone .
walls are cupboards . are closures .
are friends .

rocking / she is on a boat

glassed out / she's on the sea

an horizon that is felt / seen in a stretch of an eye / blind

a surface / sink

her body in a suit / wet
lands with some strange elated gravity.
sand surrounds

granules / a connection that grates
scratches with pleasure / rolls across the sound of shifting glass

she rolls. light . heavy .

navigation is weighted under the buoyancy of salt
of self containment

shores are the metaphor of mythology.

8 breaths a minute

description is made elusive made at a distance of the object . the emotion is abstracted

skin spreads as the body pushes its way outward
the heart is anthropomorphic
it becomes the body of another
considers its new shape
defies its limited space . spread .

the heart body stays submerged as limbs entangle themselves in veins
intimacy links itself with the bottoms of feet

Baffled, they witness the pouring of the heart.

Now held; beating, blood rushed, soaked.

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