eWRethe electronic Writing Research ensemble ensemble book

Essays, email, poetics, directions, maps, images. ensemble logic is a seriously beautiful series of fragments that together make an 'ensemble' arrangement that revels in the pleasure of reading and writing. The publication is a chance to consider how writing for an electronic environment translates into (back-to) the book. Each fragment is marked with a location guide that allows the reader to easily find the complete work on the CDROM included with the book and on the web. The CDROM archives the complete eWRe site up to July 2000.

Editor and Designer Teri Hoskin
Editorial assistance Simon Rob

Contributors Mark Amerika, Linda Carroli, Dylan Everett, Michael Grimm, Joanne Harris, Teri Hoskin, Heather Kerr, Katie Moore, Sonja Porcaro, Simon Robb, Anne Robertson, Bill Seaman, Mark Stephens, Sue Thomas, Suzanne Treister, Linda Marie Walker, Jessica Wallace, Anne Walton, Josephine Wilson, Gregory L. Ulmer

Available from Dark Horsey Books, Experimental Art Foundation

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Publisher Electronic Writing Research Ensemble, Adelaide, South Australia, 2000
ISBN 09578112 5x
60pp, w 210 X h 190mm, 13 b&w images, laminated matt cover, silver on white, inner cover, silver; 300gsm satin stock
CDROM Mac and PC compatible

This project has been supported by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body