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The notion of an on-line lecture is an odd one. A 'speaker' delivering a 'paper' in this virtual environment calls into play the premises with which those terms are produced.The idea is to provide opportunities to test the limits of this medium through active critical engagement.

Here I note (and at the same time resist) a desire to write a summary - a collection of terms to describe this project via the people whose thinking will make this work. Perhaps it is enough to say that here is a rich and diverse assemblage of artists, writers, thinkers...Ensemble logic + Choragraphy will be the summary - the collation of wherever and however this method will take us, written on-the-fly, where the forum itself is the thinking, the byte, the minute. What we can create here is a hypertextual zone that will allow a diverse array of new connections. And perhaps what George Landow calls a perpetually unfinished textuality....

N o w   o n-l i n e
X  "Choragraphy"

Greg Ulmer
X  between the Devil and the deep blue sea - Collaborative Logic

Josephine Wilson & Linda Carroli
X  The Crowds Have all Gone Home, Now: Chorally Yours xx

Linda Marie Walker
X  Imagining a Stone : Virtual Landscapes

Sue Thomas

Mark Amerika
X Therapeutics: some notes for a project...

Heather Kerr
X Nostalgic Moments

Simon Robb
X Fields of Meaning/Becoming in Recombinant Poetics

Bill Seaman

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Gregory Ulmer June 10
Linda M Walker June 24
Josephine Wilson &
Linda Carroli
July 8
Sue Thomas July 22
Mark Amerika August 8
Heather Kerr September 2
Simon Robb September 16
Bill Seaman September 30


On alternating Wednesdays there will be some form of real time exchange between the writer of the previous weeks posting and readers/writers

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spokes and bridges

Bill Seaman has proposed a series of seed nodes .. called to mind are Derridean lines of flight, zones of intensity, small plots of new land...links, paths, networks. Bill's email re nodes and bridges is below. After you have subscribed to the mailing list you can submit seed nodes. Type "seed node" (without parenthesis) in the subject field. This will filter the 'seed nodes' on my machine where they can be easily added to pages of cumulative text.

X-Sender: seaman@umbc7.umbc.edu
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Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 06:17:55 -0500
To: Teri Hoskin <ti@camtech.net.au>
From: Bill Seaman <seaman@umbc.edu>
Subject: Re: ensemble logic

Recombinant Poetics:
spokes and bridges
Bill Seaman

Seed Nodes:
associative nodes / pivot modes
interpenetration mode
a generation of enfolded fields
a kluged engine of foci
folding concentrations
slippery language / conjunctions of the pivot engines
meta-associative vessels
loading the fields
the distributed meta-field
a poetics of refined meta-slippage
a poetics of coming together and falling apart
the device of chaotic reserves
the forming of statements having simultaneous force values
multi valued-logic / poly-valence
a grafting of nomenclatures
fragments of non-related discourses / association bridges
a direction that finds itself / a field of fields
a proximity of collision constructions
the forming of informed modules - informed bridges

Each participant will form a short focused node (Haiku length).
Each participant will form a short focused bridge from their node to to
three other nodes (created by the participants) - (each Haiku length). This
will be ongoing. The bridge may lead away or toward. The bridge may pivot
or collapse. The bridge may inform or disinform. The bridge may fold. The
function of the bridge may be inventive. The participant will be
mindfully/aware of how each bridge functions in proximity.

Using email as a generator - copy 3 nodes / form a bridge node from each of these nodes to your own "Seed Node"

I imagine that each participant would have a haiku length statement. Using email as a generator the participant would copy 3 nodes (3 lines from this list - or from what arises out of this list...) form a bridge node from each of these nodes to their own "Seed Node." Email could be used to present the nodes. The final text could be presented as a visual field of these nodes with active hyperlinks...


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