The media-elements of text, image, and sound, which can potentially be experienced in a Recombinant Poetic work, are exemplified in my techno-poetic mechanism by the following: 3D computer graphic objects (non-textual); 3D text objects; 2D texts; digital image stills; digital image stills applied as texture maps; digital video; digital video applied as texture maps; digital audio including musical sections / noises; and digital audio presented as spoken text. It must be noted that particular examples of media-elements can potentially nest or house other media elements, i.e. a digital video or still can potentially contain computer graphic objects or texts. Yet one can imagine that new or differing forms of media and media-processes could also be explored in related environments and be seen to fall within the provisional definition of this emergent field.

The participant potentially brings about interpenetration and juxtaposition of media-elements through their interaction with the following categories of processes: construction processes; navigation processes; processes related to authored media-behaviours; editing processes; aesthetic / abstraction processes; automated generative processes; processes related to distributed virtual reality; and chance processes of a semi-random nature.