bill seaman

september 30th 1998

Recombinant Poetics:
spokes and bridges

~Seed Nodes:
~associative nodes / pivot modes
~interpenetration mode
~a generation of enfolded fields
~a kluged engine of foci
~folding concentrations
~slippery language / conjunctions of the pivot engines
~meta-associative vessels
~loading the fields
~the distributed meta-field
~a poetics of refined meta-slippage
~a poetics of coming together and falling apart
~the device of chaotic reserves
~the forming of statements having simultaneous force values
~multi valued-logic / poly-valence
~a grafting of nomenclatures
~fragments of non-related discourses / association bridges
~a direction that finds itself / a field of fields
~a proximity of collision constructions
~the forming of informed modules - informed bridges

~Each participant will form a short focused node (Haiku length).
~Each participant will form a short focused bridge from their node to to three other nodes (created by the participants) - (each Haiku length).

This will be ongoing. The bridge may lead away or toward. The bridge may pivot or collapse. The bridge may inform or disinform. The bridge may fold. The function of the bridge may be inventive. The participant will be mindfully/aware of how each bridge functions in proximity.

Using email as a generator - copy 3 nodes / form a bridge node from each of
these nodes to your own "Seed Node"
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