simon robb

september 16th 1998

*Not wanting to write now*
I want to look back at Greetings from Adelaide, and I want to think about nostalgia along the way. Or even, to think longingly about an outdated technology, which my work has become, and so to fall into the grip of a nostalgia, which may be, when we begin to think about nostalgia, a key mode of composing for the web. I may write with a longing for connection, 'the desire for desire', for that future re-union with a never existing utopia, 'where authenticity and transcendence are both present and everywhere' (Susan Stewart). The fetishizing of an outmoded technology, perhaps its a mode of a critical self-reflection, available to those who cannot be purely modern. And here I'm referring to the old postmodern, and its settlement with a certain writing loss.
Simon Robb is a PhD student at the English Department, University of Adelaide. He is writng on public trauma events in Adelaide, in what might be called a fictocritical style. He is an occassional radio documentary producer too.