July 8, 1998

Dear linda -

ps, The plot thickens.

Remember I told you about the priest who had a fall from grace in the financial thickets of the 1980's? C's mother just rang. Turns out the Monsignor in question used to be one of the two priests in their local church and school when the children were little. He wasn't a Monsignor then, but for the sake of clarity I will call him that. All 5 children (male) were altar boys. It doesn't bear thinking about. The Monsignor in question used to do the roster for the altar boys, and one day put C's brother on at a particular time he didn't usually 'serve', probably because he had hockey, which was the other religion in C's family.

Seems the Monsignor didn't like this disruption to his timetable, and came into the school and picked C's brother up by the ears and shook him, screaming and a-cursin'. Another mother told C's mum, who promptly marched off to confront the Monsignor, who did more screamin' and cursin', which all went down badly with C's Mum, who responded in kind. Things excalated when the Monsignor said, 'How dare you talk to a priest like that!' The showdown was overheard by the other more senior priest (a real Monsignor??) through an open window (perhaps at the back of the confessional?), and he rushed off after C.'s Mum, and apologised and said that poor Brian (the brother in question) was to return to his original altar-boy time and continue his hockey, thus allowing the family faiths to remain intact. He assured C's Mum that the offending Monsignor would be 'dealt with severely.'

Anyway, that week the Statue of the Virgin that stood in the grotto in the ground of the Church was smashed to pieces in the night. The culprit was never found....

The Monsignor in question had a nervous breakdown and was spirited away to the Archbishop's office, where he began his new career as Financial Whiz.

Alas, we know the rest of the story...

C's mother is now claiming an influencial role in career path of the Monsignor, and in the subsequent demise of the Burke Labor Government and the Catholic Church in Western Australia, with all of whom she has maintained a long and tempestous relationship. At the moment they are 'not talking'.

Thought you might enjoy the trajectory of a singular events,


pps I think I will take out the reference to the name of the Church - even though it is very beautiful. You never know, the Monsignor might be a closet Net surfer.


By the way ... I am keeping our correspondence, so that when I am old and withered I can take it out and read it from the very beginning, again.

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