Ensemble Logic

Dear Teri

I want this to be the start of a 'line' of inquiry, and I thought that the whole etymology of the term 'collaboration' might be very rich, hypertextually. Especially interesting is the idea of the hypertextual link as the furtive intersection of two collaborators (LC and JW), and/or as a kind of hole which destabilizes the system, which halves the w/hole (or makes it!)

Then I thought that the metaphor of the link as leak might connect to the theme of paranoia (hyper-connectedness) - and the role of hyperconnected knowledge in all of the economies of the Web.

Extract from: On Being the Weaker Link , or On Dobbing; An Epistolary Hypertext, sections of which are unrecoverable.

Dear Linda,

...and then I wondered if, in the midst of Wars and other such Organized Tragedies we would still call ourselves collaborators ? Are we like sieves? Can we hold a secret? Are we the weak link? In Australia, where the Party has decreed 'there never was no War' we would probably just be called dobbers. (Less Continental of course.)

Today, in the Strategic Product Development Room of the Partie Democratique Hypertexte (PDH) they were all speaking in hushed tones.

'We suspect a leak', the President whispered. 'They are no better than women, present company excluded, of course Someone round here cannot hold their tongue.'


I worry that the Party has weakened their case, fetishized the footstep in
the sand, instead of worrying a little bit more about whose boot was on
whose foot!

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