sonja porcaro

...the task of describing inevitably leads to exhaustion.... when language attempts to describe the concrete, it is caught in an infinitely self-effacing gesture of inadequacy, a gesture which speaks to the gaps between our modes of cognition- those gaps between the sensual, the visual and the linguistic." (1)

... installation/writing/electronic media fields are investigated to negotiate different understandings of spatial and temporal frameworks.....repitition, delay, disavowal...linguistic and semiotic concerns associated with fetishism, architectural concerns (re-figuring the geometry of the 'site', of viewing)...the limitations & exhaustion inherent in any & all forms of representations....what may constitute the 'tangibility' or 'materiality' of objects, spaces, writing....counting under the wait of ink. bent over bunched at the seam. floundering between solid liquid gas barely pulsing but returning. still. squinting to hear. a transaction is in suspension while perched on the back,queueing. the profile of the speaker is astonishing. a history of more hits than misses but willing to defy chronology, to start from (a) scratch that is: in brief, a case falters. upper or lower? amplified on cue a wri(s)t action is repeated point to point.and then stuck a grammatical cut.made swift. tempered felled fresh and scored.burnt on/in. and then to move in/on again. muted. the speaker over stays like a shock in the nearest ear. 'leave after enters' is hopelessly commanded. stunned on the rim....

....artwork + writing for Choragraphy + Ensemble Logic, while responding to the work by the other contributing writers & artists, will also draw from and extend on the conceptual concerns of my recent (gallery) exhibition 'algebraic (drawn still)' in Sydney, in investigating the relationship between mathematical structures (algorithms, algebra etc.) used in computer technology and notions of drawn/drawing and (the) 'still'. The work will explore the gaps between scientific and poetic, concrete and abstract frameworks, positing a logic or choragraphy of writing/art (practice) that is both "immersed and distant, farseeing and swallowed". (2)


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