mark stephens

             it is always night in this opaque city
             sunlight has been erased
             life is lived on a city island
             a contained and partial place
             1 part sydney  2 parts los angeles
             100% hong kong
             this city morphs; watch it change!
             a building goes up another comes down
             the scene is eclectic
             styles accumulate and mingle and form other styles
             and there is a cohesion; this consistency of amass
             life is lived in a loop
             like a scratch on a record
             never quite the same      shifted               slightly
             this event is an installation
             of arranging and placing objects; contexts and things....
             this opaque city is filled; brimming with cliches
             it follows a tradition
             a move-meant
             seefeel succour provides a suitable ambience
             gothic/film noir
             what do these genres offer us
             a discourse on romance mediated by the monstrous
             monumental architecture is important
             it locates and it looms
             so the name of the game is to elevate and approach a binary union called love
             a marriage of the extremities
             the blonde and the brunette; an ultimate union
             desiring the other which is exotic
             an opaque terrain
             to draw a thread and make it pucker
             ....and this is why homo is necessary
             because it is not binary and it is love
             because homo puckers
             and homo engulfs 
             the monstrous is posited as a threat; a representation of synergistic chaosmic force
             to valorise mans attempts at taming the universe
             when face was face....
             faciality is important here
             a concentrated zone of expression; of individuations
             to recognise the face is to recognise ones race
             phalanx :  to locate your tribe
             to face ourselves....
             that is the hard thing
             "what i cant stand is to see the other guys face"
             and so to murder
             these dialogues are played out: a folding of binaries
             the metaphors are dogged; old and tired
             familiar and hence readable
             in pursuit of an order
             this is what man and stranger share in common
             a stable haecceity; a static thingness
             [i mean the wish for....]
             an immovable object
             an immobile face
             so time is the immovable face
             or so film understands it
             and strangers....           they dont have alot of time
             they are soon to expire
             because they have no soul (or they lost it) they have only a thingness which
             makes them vampires
             men in black
             my uncle festers
             vampirism is inextricably tied to immovable objectness mediated via eternity
             [or the wish for]
             which is impossible
             only time is in possession of eternity and there will naturally be no successors
             to time
             eternity is too much for a body....  but not for time
             tuning is not quite about harmony for harmony implies heterogeneity
             harmony is jazz and jazz is intuition 
             ....and improvisation
             dissonance is harmony
             and singing in unison
             is a drone
             unheard of
             because it is a drone
             tuning is about sounding a body
             a body
             must have a sound
             if it is to operate
             as a sound body
             time is an arbitrary marking 
             of eternity :  its sounding device
             certifies its presence....
             signals that it is here
             the face is a passing impression upon eternity
             always already supplanted
             a face which makes sound
             is crucial
             a chatter ring
             a clicking of teeth  
             which resonates
             and when it resonates it permeates 
             and when it permeates it binds
             so we are thus bound by sound
             an object which moves is an object which resounds
             and this ofcourse is an electric object
             and this is what mary shelley understood
             and this is why
             the computerised electrosphere was inevitable
             a pursuit of awareness which pays homage to what is essential
             unavoidable.... and clear
             [of what is there]
             and water becomes the ultimate anecdote of space
             dank and humid
             a water conducts this electracy
             and is the reason why a computer is dry....
             because it is vapid
             and not vaporous....
             a shock of hair because objects are electric
             and hair another community of tendrils          pushing limits
             of a thingness that was t'hair
             the digital is what comes to a surface
             what is here
             and handset imprints upon
             what is there
             handset is a print
             and a print is a screen 
             and a clock is a writing device
             but not quite a pen
             a pen is a cell
             and a cell is a block
             and there for a clock cannot be a pen
             and a pen cannot write a language
             because we cannot plug them in
             but you can write with a clock and you can write with a pen....
             grinding wheels are cog[native metaphor]s
             a synapse is a stepping stone
             but what we must ask next
             does b proceed a in logical order or does a connect with q w e r t y u i o p s d f g
             h j k l z x c v b n m and itself in no particular order
             this is a binary question of  which we will now pass
             over and into the truth of ambiguities
             order is nothing more than where it is at the time
             it vibrates for emphasis
             a *******blast******* into******* presence 
             which is unsustainable
             [but i need to make it tighter]
             to relax in a discourse within its own discourse
             which is not a slide into memory!
             [this is the lie]
             always already supplanted
             k h are stamped upon a suitcase
             initials are the only cues we have toward finding an i- dent- it- y-
             letraset is letteracy
             and literacy forges identities
             time via faces exposes itself      to be the lie
             and so cinema becomes preoccupied 
             cinema is just another phallus crystallised
             which urges us to forget
             by offering us the techniques
             for constructing a memory
             [which is the lie]
             and what the monster remembers is always a lie
             [as m s understood]
             a monster scepes
             that is to say it is the processual thing which slips and bends
             which is to say a monster is a scape[land & e]
             ....always leaking
             blood being a liquid is a matter of invasions
             and is the reason why we would save the fish and destroy the metaphors
             which arrive upon what is monstrous
             because monster clutches at all of our plurals
             [as d h understands it]
             and here is the cohesion; this consistency of amass
             of life lived in a loop
             like a scratch on a record
             never quite the same      shifted               slightly
             so as to become what man then fears....
             a world without monuments is a world without love....
             but the monuments are monstrous and not about love
             but survival....
             through a demonic union
             which is about bloods and of fluids 
             fluids which carry very tiny things
             and this is what man fears....
             a demonic union which is pitiful
             and some thing a manta and a glider would have in common
             reclaim monstrosity
             it is the most beautiful of all things
             there is nothing diabolical
             in the union of letters
             which are unaffected
             by def-in-itions
             and my
             walks on the outside
             of entire worlds
             i the only thing which would constitute an inside
             inside is a tricky creature
             a chimeraic affect
             inside is a trick of the light
             and this is what makes it so palpable 
             it is inside
             and all require e(i)
             what constitutes a human soul?
             an object which is central to a formation
             and which vibrates 
             drawing the composition together,  producing....*
             a continuity of all the minor details; 
             every object and every thing
             passing events and familiar scenes....
             this is what it is to be human!
             a universal environment
             and this is soul
             i ask you to forget about property
             if you wish not to misconstrue
             property is a matter for anthropology
             and anthropology only passes
             for it is a monster
             without focus
             and not a degree
             one measures with time
             and with all there is 3
             harmony is 3
             harmony is jazz and jazz is intuition 
             ....and improvisation
             tuning is about sounding a body
             a body
             must have a sound
             if it is to operate
             as a sound body
             *a coinciding vibration in the human soul
             [as w k understood it]
             precision is for closure
             or the lie of order
             and this
             becomes the reason why 
             artfulness is abjection
             and knots beauty
             a lie must be flawed so there is a leaking which generates
             and film noir is now capable of performing these tasks
             which set to work upon  metanarratives
             which form the body proper of noir
             film noir then
             as cinema
             film noir operates upon cinema
             and this is necessary
             in this opaque city
             for the scenes are split
             s p lit splitsplitsplitting
             and there is a word i forget 
             which would be easy to say
             a cliche
             a familiar
             as film is loathe to speak
             so i will circle toward it
             in a symbolic fashion
             the symbolic is a substitute where there is
             	Öno point with which to start  
             	Öno end in sight
             	Öand no directions to navigate
             	Öthe thing has not yet been defined
             	Öit is abstract
             our imagination
             is our passport into what is real 
             a photograph is still
             and hence emulsion
             a photograph is a memory embodied
             and hence we deal in postcards
             of sunny sandy beaches
             and their inscriptions
             if monster is succ ubus then humanity is in cubus
             and volcanic is film
             "thingness is only a thing with a mouth and a tail
             a puckering ring with teeth
             and when this muscle contracts
             the teeth doth chatter
             producing a sound
             and these things move in space
             and this was all freud need have written
             the volumes were superfluous
             and this was all he wanted to say
             but he couldnt 
             coz he was dumb
             and hence the retreat to the republic of schreber
             freud on holiday on sunny sandy beaches
             down the winding roads of dorothy
             and this is why he was always challenged by monsters posing riddles
             coz he was always dumb
             coz he failed to embrace his own monstrosity
             and love it as a hole
             and now all we have to thank him for is film noir
             Thank You freud
             fold 4 wrap 5
             Thank You for doing the laundry freud
             and so cinema becomes preoccupied 
             cinema is just another phallus crystallised
             which urges us to forget
             by offering us the techniques
             for constructing a memory
             [which is the lie]
             and tuning is about sounding a body
             a body
             must have a sound
             if it is to operate
             as a sound body
             *a coinciding vibration in the human soul
             tuning is a fork
             and a fork presents a vector :
             a trajectory of body-sound-anthropology
             a vector warps
             and this warp is a vibration
             which produces its trajectory
             and this is film noir
             a grain of sand slipping between the toes
             water breaks seals 
             water corrodes
             in this particular context
             and in being the first to set the scene
             One becomes an operator
             And has the power of surveillance
             To control the situations
             to your advantage
             and there will always be a hook
             which is serial
             driving this plot of land
             which is genderless
             and pale
             and all this time
             the artist is maddening
             in a room
             without windows
             in a room
             with co- co- co- ckroaches
             and a collision with a train
             in the fireplace
             the artist is in pain
             the canvas is empty
             the dishes need washing
             and the chair needs upholstering
             and all it can think of is- s- se- sex
             this  is  transparency
             this     is    installation