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mapping This is a 'project' with many components. A series of eight lectures were posted to the site at two weekly intervals, beginning June until September 1998. The invited theorists, artists, writers where each asked to speak from their own practices to the consideration of an electronic poetics.The papers where made specifically for this project with this medium (a networked screen environment) in mind. Five artists new to this medium were invited to make work as a critical response to the papers. An email list serv acted as the 'backbone' to the project, as an experiment, to see if we could create an email rhetorics/poetics between us. Some of the enslogers also met via IRC and at LinguaMOO.

Teri Hoskin

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[abstract] 7 Choragraphy (a map) 10.6.98
gregory ulmer
The Crowds Have all Gone Home
Now:Chorally Yours xx
linda marie walker
mark stephens
Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea
- Collaborative Logic
linda carroli & josephine wilson
7 [abstract]
plumb (with grace)
sonja porcaro
Imagining a Stone: Virtual Landscapes   29.7.98
sue thomas
[abstract] 6
The Writer as Psuedo Autobiographical Work-In-Progress 5.8.98    mark amerika
6michael grimm
 james moss
7 [abstract]
ski boots home
simone hockley
Therapeutics:Some notes for a project... 2.9.98
heather kerr
handheld 7 [abstract]
anne walton
Nostalgic Moments 16.9.98 
simon robb
Fields of meaning/Becoming in Recombinant Poetics 30.9.98
 bill seaman

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