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I am having  a

Flickering light sometimes becomes things. 
Via a vehicle of dust I see a picture. Or perhaps a tableau.
Did I say there was no sound in the room?
I was wrong. I meant to say there is always a 
chorus of differing tones plays in my head
I can hear them being it ...
There is no sound in the room. The sound is in my head. 
The film announces madcow disease. Move-ment here is violent. 
Death a la carte. 
It seems to be taking itself seriously. That is, something is 
meant 	and I 			am meant 
		to get				some thing
The sound						in my
	head			always 		in motion
		and at the 			same time
is a 								blockage
"There   is   an   autonomy   of   Expression." (D&G)